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The Duke Malboro is an enemy in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is fought deep within the Depths, and is a decently powerful foe, but not terribly difficult at the time it is fought. It can restore a major amount of HP using Heal, as well as inflict Sap and moderate non-elemental damage to the party with Bile. In addition, it sometimes counters physical attacks by inflicting Poison and minor non-elemental damage to the party with Poison Gas. Use Flare and physical attacks to defeat it quickly.


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Etymology Edit

"Malboro" may derive from the Japanese onomatopoeia boro, the sound of an upset stomach. Their name is most likely derived from the Latin and Greek words mal (meaning bad) and boros (meaning breath), a reference to their infamous attack. The name could also be a reference to Marlboro Cigarettes, since the creatures often spew horrid fumes.

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