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Dreamscape, also known as Dream Dungeon and Cyan's Dream/Cyan's Soul, is a dungeon in Final Fantasy VI. It is a dream world formed from the mind of Cyan Garamonde as a reflection of his pain for the deaths of his friends, family, and country.

Story Edit

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FFVI Android Wrexsoul Party

Wrexsoul with Cyan in the throne room.

When the party returns to Doma Castle with Cyan in the World of Ruin, and rests there, the Dream StoogesLaragorn, Curlax, and Moebius—enter Cyan's soul. The party follows, surfacing in a dreamscape of separate areas connected by doors.

The party comes across a mirror image of Doma Castle, where Elayne and Owain, Cyan's late wife and child, urge them to find and defeat Wrexsoul, who is feeding on Cyan's confusion and doubt. The party finds Wrexsoul in the throne room and after vanquishing him, Cyan is restored.

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Quests Edit

Exploring the Dreamscape Edit

FFVI Android Dreamscape Train

The train in the Dreamscape.

The player begins with only their third party member and must navigate the area to find their other two party members. Once the party is reformed they can locate the Dream Stooges and battle them to leave the area. After defeating them, the party is teleported to a Phantom Train-like area, then a series of mines, both times seeing ghostly specters of Cyan being chased by other forces.

The mines portion is the third and final time the player has access to Magitek Armor. If Terra is in the party during this segment she can use the expanded Magitek abilities she could use in the game's opening. Gogo can only use the Magitek commands if given the Attack command, since the Magitek command replaces Attack. Umaro will use any Magitek abilities except Healing Force. The Dreamscape is one of a handful of areas that cannot be revisited, so if the player wishes for Gau to learn the Rages of any enemies here, they must meet all the appropriate enemies during the exploration.

The final area is a mirror image of Doma Castle, where Elayne and Owain urge the party to find and defeat Wrexsoul feeding on Cyan's confusion and doubt. The player can explore Doma Castle to witness various flashbacks of Cyan's life, and Wrexsoul is located in the throne room. After dispatching Wrexsoul, Cyan is restored and achieves his peak level of skill with his Bushido training.

Effects on the real world Edit

In the real Doma Castle, the magicite Alexander appears in the throne room, and Cyan gains the Masamune.

Items Edit

Enemies Edit

Doma Castle

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK The Dreamscape is the setting for two regular dungeons and is also featured in the Challenge Event Touched by Magic.

Dreamscape, Part 1 Edit

FFRK Dreamscape, Part 1 FFVI
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Dreamscape, Part 2 Edit

FFRK Dreamscape, Part 2 FFVI
Castle Cornelia PSThis article or section is a stub about a location in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by expanding it.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

Dreamscape is a compound word made up of the stems "dream" and "landscape" meaning a fantasy world or an abstract/oneiric land.


  • Outside the Phantom Train area inside the Dreamscape, the random encounters are disable. The encounter's are set to formation #070 (Angel Whisper x2, Cloud), #074 (Angel Whisper x4), #076 (Bomb x3), and #077 (Bomb x1) with this battle backgroundBattleback phantom train b.

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