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XII Leviathan
No. 1 Dreadnought class airship being the flagship of the 8th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army. The 8th fleet was assigned to the Galtea Tactical Force of the Western Armada, under the command of Judge Ghis. Fitted with a skystone made to resist the effects of jagd, the Leviathan was a linchpin of the Imperial Army's main force. Sunk in an explosion caused by the uncontainable reaction of the nethicite fragment known as the Dawn Shard.
—Leviathan, Sage Knowledge

The Dreadnought Leviathan (戦艦リヴァイアサン, Senkan Rivaiasan?) is an airship that serves as an unrevisitable dungeon in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is the flagship of the 8th Imperial Fleet of the Archadian Empire.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

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Dawn shard in leviathan engine

Dawn Shard in Leviathan's engine.

The Leviathan is the flagship of the 8th Imperial Fleet of Archadia, led by Judge Ghis. After the Resistance is caught trespassing the Royal Palace of Rabanastre, Princess Ashe is captured and taken aboard Leviathan. The player party is sent onboard the ship by Marquis Ondore to save her.

This is the only time in the game Leviathan can be explored. The Empire recaptures the party upon acquiring the Dawn Shard, and Ghis wants to test it by putting the shard in the ship's engine. At first the tests prove promising, but soon the shard reacts violently, compressing the Leviathan and incinerating the entire 8th Fleet in an explosion of mist.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

A second Leviathan was built and is used by Ashe and Basch to join up with their friends. This Leviathan, though built by the Empire, was made as a Dalmascan flagship for its queen. It serves as a connection between Lemurés and Ivalice.


During the player's visit on the Leviathan in Final Fantasy XII the player can discover numerous treasures that have a chance of containing new weapons. The treasure in the southwest corner of the Port Section has a 90% chance of spawning, 60% to contain gil, but when it has items, it can be either a Reflectga Mote or Handaxe. A treasure in the northeast part of the Starboard Section can contain a Killer Bow.

In the Sub-control room there are two treasures that always spawn and once claimed, will never respawn. The other can contain an Assassin's Dagger, and the other an Ancient Sword.

The other treasures have common items and a few gambits, unless they contain gil.


Non-Player CharactersEdit

After the plot events in the Dreadnought Leviathan, the moogle Tetran will show up in Eruyt Village. He will show up no matter if the player let him out of the cage or not.



Consult the Weapons article for more information on individual weapons.

Weapon Cost
Iron Sword 1,200 gil
Oak Staff 400 gil
Javelin 1,400 gil
Assassin's Dagger 1,400 gil
Capella 1,400 gil
Oaken Pole 1,300 gil
Aevis Killer 1,500 gil
Zwill Blade 1,700 gil
Cherry Staff 800 gil
Broadsword 400 gil
Dagger 200 gil
Shortbow 500 gil
Altair 500 gil
Longsword 700 gil
Mage Masher 700 gil
Silver Bow 1,000 gil


Consult the Armor article for more information on individual armor pieces.

Armor Cost
Leather Headgear 500 gil
Bronze Chestplate 500 gil
Topkapi Hat 500 gil
Kilimweave Shirt 500 gil
Sallet 1,000 gil
Scale Armor 1,000 gil
Buckler 1,000 gil
Horned Hat 700 gil
Ringmail 700 gil
Calot Hat 700 gil
Shepherd's Bolero 700 gil
Headguard 300 gil
Leather Breastplate 300 gil
Pointy Hat 300 gil
Silken Shirt 300 gil
Bronze Helm 700 gil
Bronze Armor 700 gil
Leather Shield 600 gil


Consult the Items for more information on individual items.

Item Cost
Potion 70 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Phoenix Down 250 gil
Echo Herbs 50 gil
Gold Needle 100 gil
Alarm Clock 50 gil
Handkerchief 50 gil


Consult the Accessories article for more information on individual accessories.

Item Cost
Steel Gorget 1,500 gil
Armguard 800 gil
Tourmaline Ring 300 gil
Gauntlets 1,200 gil
Battle Harness 1,000 gil
Leather Gorget 1,500 gil


Consult the Magick article for more information on individual spells.

Spell Cost
Vox 300 gil
Stona 800 gil
Water 800 gil
Immobilize 600 gil
Disable 600 gil
Break 900 gil
Reflect 800 gil
Blind 200 gil
Protect 200 gil
Poison 500 gil
Shell 300 gil
Silence 400 gil
Dark 500 gil


Consult the Gambits article for more information on gambits.

Item Cost
Ally: any 50 gil
Ally: party leader 50 gil
Ally: HP <80% 50 gil
Ally: HP <70% 50 gil
Ally: HP <60% 50 gil
Ally: HP <50% 50 gil
Ally: HP <40% 50 gil
Ally: HP <30% 50 gil
Ally: HP <20% 50 gil
Ally: MP <80% 50 gil
Ally: MP <70% 50 gil
Ally: MP <60% 50 gil
Ally: MP <50% 50 gil
Ally: MP <40% 50 gil
Ally: MP <30% 50 gil
Ally: MP <20% 50 gil
Ally Status = Sleep 50 gil
Ally Status = Confuse 50 gil
Ally Status = HP Critical 50 gil
Foe: any 50 gil
Foe: targeting leader 100 gil
Foe: targeting self 100 gil
Foe: targeting ally 100 gil
Foe: HP = 100% 50 gil
Foe: HP => 70% 50 gil
Foe: HP => 50% 50 gil
Foe: HP => 30% 50 gil
Foe: status = Sleep 50 gil
Foe: status = Oil 50 gil
Foe: status = Disable 50 gil
Foe: status = Immobilize 50 gil
Foe: status = Reflect 50 gil
Foe: status = HP Critical 50 gil
Foe: Flying 100 gil
Self 50 gil

Musical ThemesEdit

"Defying the Empire"
FFXII - Defying the Empire
Trouble with the audio sample?

The background theme for Leviathan is called "Defying the Empire" (帝国への挑戦, Teikoku e no chōsen?).


FF12 Map - Dreadnought Leviathan



The airships in Final Fantasy XII are allusions to previous Final Fantasy games, the Archadian Imperial Fleets being named after summons. The Dreadnought was a battleship in Final Fantasy II, and Leviathan is a recurring aquatic summoned monster.

[view  · edit  · purge]Dreadnoughts were a type of battleship popular in the first half of the 20th century before the advent of the aircraft carrier made them obsolete. They were gigantic heavily armored ships noted for an "all-big-gun" design that allowed for great firing range while being well-protected. The term "dreadnought" comes from the first major ship of this design, the 1906 HMS Dreadnought. The word means "fear nothing".

[view  · edit  · purge]Leviathan (Biblical Hebrew לִוְיָתָן or לווייתן Liwyāthān "coiled") is a violent sea creature that is referred to in the Hebrew Bible as well as the Talmud and some other ancient Jewish texts. During the golden age of seafaring, the term Leviathan became synonymous with any large sea creature, sometimes describing whales. Bible scholars interpreted Leviathan to be either a demonic sea creature and an enemy of God.

The Talmud and other ancient Jewish sources refer to Leviathan more specifically as a sea serpent, sometimes with multiple heads capable of breathing fire, that was made on the fifth day of Creation. It is said that during the end of days, God will make tents, or sukkah, out of the skin of Leviathan for the righteous to live in. Some have speculated that Leviathan was based on a real animal, the most popular theory being the Kronosaurus and the Nile crocodile.

Leviathan is also one of the seven princes of Hell associated with the deadly sin Envy and Hell's gatekeeper in Christian demonology.

In some cultures it is believed that Leviathan lives at the bottom of Mariana Trench.


  • After rescuing Ashe, the alarm will go off and endless soldiers will come. This is a decent spot to grind levels. If one is near death, they can simply go back to the cell block and use the Save Crystal and repeat the process. Also, seeing that the only enemies that come are soldiers, this spot makes good use of using gambits and Chaining.

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