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Balamb garden draw point

A full draw point on the left indicated by pink swirls.

By examining the draw points in the field and on the world map, you can draw magic. The draw points on the world map are completely hidden. Examine odd-looking areas carefully.
FFVIII Info Corner

Draw Point is a gameplay element in Final Fantasy VIII where players can draw magic spells to be cast using the Magic command or junctioned to a player character's stats.

Development-wise, Square designed the draw points as a replacement for treasure chests, which are mainly absent in Final Fantasy VIII.[1]

See also: Magic (Final Fantasy VIII)


Trabia garden stage draw point

Draw point has been used up indicated by the blue swirls.

Draw points are scattered throughout the field map, others are found on the overworld map. Draw points can be recognized by two or three glowing purple-pink lines rising from the ground in a swirl pattern. Most draw points refill over time, but there are a few draw points that do not refill (recognizable by the pale blue swirl lines appearing once the magic has been drawn, as opposed to the white swirl lines denoting refillable draw points).

Draw points' refill-speed is counted by the number of steps the player takes, recorded in the game data (other features that are dictated by the number of steps taken are Rinoa's Angelo skills and the SeeD salary payment frequency). Some draw points take more steps than others to refill.

Some draw points are hidden from view, and only revealed when the player junctions the ability Move-Find. All draw Points are free to draw from, with the exception of an Ultima draw point found just inside Shumi Village in the area beside the elevator. This draw point is guarded by three Shumi and costs 5,000 gil to access, but refills at an unusually fast rate.

Drawing magic from draw points a 100 time in the Steam version earns the player the achievement Magic Miner.

World Map Draw PointsEdit


Draw Points around the world.

All world map draw points are invisible and give at maximum five spells, which is less than field draw points, but world map draw points will always refill. World map draw points can usually be found in any "unusual" area, such as tips of peninsulas, opening of railway tunnels, on railway bridges, on beaches and near landmarks, such as behind towns.

The Island Closest to Heaven and the Island Closest to Hell are known for their numerous draw points, all of which contain powerful spells.

Field Draw PointsEdit

Most field draw points are visible and recharge. The invisible ones can be revealed with the Move-Find ability. Even if most draw points are refillable, some exist in unrevisitable locations, meaning the player would have to run around in circles for a long time to be able to draw from them more than once.

List of Field Draw PointsEdit

Location Spell Refill Visible
Balamb Garden library Esuna No Yes
Balamb Garden training center Blizzard Yes Yes
Balamb Garden courtyard Cure Yes Yes
Fire Cavern Fire Yes Yes
Balamb outside junk shop Thunder Yes Yes
Balamb harbor Cure*after liberating the town in disc 2 this draw point also gives gil Yes Yes
Dollet Communications Tower Blind Yes Yes
Timber forests in Laguna flashback Cure Yes Yes
Timber forests in Laguna flashback Water Yes Yes
Timber Maniacs Building left room Blizzaga No No
Timber outside the pub Cure Yes Yes
Timber Pub Aurora back alley Scan Yes Yes
Centra Excavation Site Sleep Yes Yes
Centra Excavation Site Confuse Yes Yes
Centra Excavation Site Cure Yes Yes
Dollet town square Silence Yes Yes
Galbadia Garden lobby Haste Yes No
Galbadia Garden courtyard Shell Yes Yes
Galbadia Garden changing rooms Life Yes Yes
Galbadia Garden auditorium Double Yes No
Deling City park Thundara Yes Yes
Tomb of the Unknown King - outside Protect Yes Yes
Tomb of the Unknown King - north room Float No Yes
Tomb of the Unknown King - east room Cura No No
Deling City Sewers Esuna Yes Yes
Deling City Sewers Zombie Yes Yes
Deling City Sewers Bio Yes No
Winhill Laguna's room in the flashback Curaga No No
Winhill town square Dispel Yes Yes
Winhill road south from town square Drain Yes Yes
Winhill east road Reflect No No
D-District Prison Floor 9 - right cell Berserk Yes Yes
D-District Prison Floor 11 - right cell Thundaga Yes No
Outside D-District Prison Aero Yes Yes
Missile Base room with g-soldiers who ask to deliver a message Blind Yes Yes
Missile Base - silo room Full-Life Yes No
Missile Base - control room Blizzara Yes Yes
Balamb Garden cafeteria (only during Garden Riot) Demi Yes No
Balamb Garden MD level Full-Life Yes Yes
Balamb Garden B2 floor Bio Yes No
Fishermans Horizon overlooking the sun panel Regen Yes Yes
Fishermans Horizon Master Fisherman's fishing spot Full-Life No No
Fishermans Horizon junk shop Shell Yes Yes
Fishermans Horizon abandoned train station Haste Yes No
Fishermans Horizon mayor's house Ultima No No
Shumi Village - above ground Ultima Yes Yes
Shumi Village - outside elder's house Blizzaga Yes Yes
Shumi Village workshop Firaga Yes Yes
Trabia Garden in front of the statue Thundaga Yes Yes
Trabia Garden cemetery Zombie No No
Trabia Garden stage Aura No No
Centra Ruins platform after the first staircase Drain Yes No
Centra Ruins right ladder after the lift Aero Yes Yes
Centra Ruins next to the dome Pain No No
Outside Galbadia Garden during Garden war Aura Yes No
Galbadia Garden ice rink Protect Yes Yes
Edea's Orphanage Curaga Yes Yes
White SeeD Ship Holy Yes Yes
Great Salt Lake dinosaur skeleton Meteor No Yes
Great Salt Lake past the dinosaur skeleton Thundaga Yes No
Lunatic Pandora Laboratory in Laguna flashback Death Yes Yes
Esthar Odine's Lab in Laguna flashback Double No Yes
Esthar Odine's Lab in Laguna flashback Flare No No
Esthar outside palace Blizzard Yes Yes
Esthar outside Odine's Lab Quake Yes Yes
Esthar city streets near city entrance Curaga Yes Yes
Esthar shopping mall Tornado Yes Yes
Tears' Point entrance Life Yes Yes
Tears' Point middle Reflect Yes Yes
Lunar Base Ellone's room Meteor Yes No
Lunar Base room before the escape pods Meltdown Yes No
Ragnarok hangar upstairs Life Yes No
Ragnarok room with a red Propagator Cura No No
Ragnarok room with save point Full-Life No No
Sorceress Memorial Stop Yes Yes
Deep Sea Research Center second level Dispel Yes Yes
Deep Sea Research Center secret room Esuna Yes Yes
Deep Sea Research Center third screen on the way to Ultima Weapon's lair Triple Yes No
Deep Sea Research Center fifth screen on the way to Ultima Weapon's lair Ultima No No
Lunatic Pandora entrance Meteor Yes Yes
Lunatic Pandora elevator room Curaga Yes Yes
Lunatic Pandora hallways Confuse Yes Yes
Lunatic Pandora near Elevator #1 Holy No Yes
Lunatic Pandora Ultima*only appears if the Laguna scenario earlier was completed successfully Yes Yes
Lunatic Pandora Silence*only appears if the Laguna scenario earlier was completed successfully Yes Yes
Lunatic Pandora on the way to fight Adel Break No Yes
Edea's Orphanage in the future Triple No Yes
Ultimecia Castle outside Flare No No
Ultimecia Castle wine cellar Aura Yes No
Ultimecia Castle treasure room Holy Yes No
Ultimecia Castle art gallery Meltdown Yes No
Ultimecia Castle armory Ultima Yes No
Ultimecia Castle passageway Cura Yes Yes
Ultimecia Castle storage room Curaga Yes No
Ultimecia Castle prison Full-Life Yes No
Ultimecia Castle courtyard Slow Yes Yes
Ultimecia Castle chapel Dispel Yes Yes
Ultimecia Castle the balcony where Tiamat is fought Triple Yes No
Ultimecia Castle clock tower Stop Yes Yes



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