Draw-In is an enemy ability in Final Fantasy XI. Creatures who use this ability will automatically teleport a player or all party or alliance members into its hand-to-hand combat range. Generally enemies will do this automatically if one or all members of an party/alliance try to run from the fight.

Enemies that use Draw-InEdit

Clever Uses of Draw-InEdit

While Draw-In is supposed to essentially screw players in that this presents them with a battle that cannot be fled from, in Phomiuna Aqueducts, the Minotaur uses the ability and draws in all alliance members. Since Phomiuna Aqueducts is a very dangerous zone and cumbersome to move large parties around within its narrow passages filled with aggressive creatures, it is a common tactic to sneak only a small portion of the total alliance to the hallway just before the Minotaur. When all party members are ready, one player rushes in and the Minotaur summons all player characters to his location, thus saving them a potentially dangerous walk.