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The Drakenvale.

Drakenvale (飛竜の谷, Hiryū no Tani?, lit. Valley of Hiryūs), also known as the Valley of Dragons, is a location in Final Fantasy V. It is the only place where the Dragon Grass grows in the second world, and used to be a habitat for Wind Drakes in the past.


Drakenvale Dragon Grass

The Dragon Grass spot at Drakenvale.

The party travel through Quelb to reach Drakenvale, so they can find dragon grass to heal the Castle of Bal's sick wind drake. While exploring, it is possible to encounter a Golem being attacked by a Bone Dragon and a Zombie Dragon, and after saving it, it becomes available as a summon. At the center of the Vale, the party find dragon grass, but upon attempting to retrieve it, they are attacked by the Dragon Pod and must defeat it before they can take the grass back to Bal.


Drakenvale WM

Drakenvale in Galuf's World.

Drakenvale MWM

Drakenvale in the Merged World.

Name Location
5,000 gil First Cave area
Cottage Second Cave area
7,000 gil Third Cave area
Wind Slash Fourth Cave area
Hypno Crown Fourth Cave area
Phoenix Down Fourth Cave area
Bone Mail Outside, in bones


Golem Battle

Golem in battle.


"To the North Mountain" from Final Fantasy V
FFV - Walking the Snowy Mountains
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"To the North Mountain" (銀嶺を行く, Ginrei o Iku?), alternatively called "Walking the Snowy Mountains", is the musical theme for the Drakenvale.

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