Dragoniers (ドラゴニア, Doragonia?) are a race from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. They live in the northern town of Invidia and have much longer lives than humans. As their name suggests, they have close associations with dragons. Two Dragoniers, Rekoteh and Rolan, assist the Heroes of Light in their quest.


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Three centuries before the beginning of the game, the Chief Dragonier's son, Rolan, was chosen to be a Hero of Light by the Crystals in order to fight Chaos. Rolan defeated him, but the Mother Dragon of Invidia died during this time. Some time later, Mammon invaded the Sun Temple and cursed the town with an eternal winter.

The Dragoniers' hearts became cold and frozen, and the Chief began to be very hard on his children. He sent Rolan to Spelvia in order to use the city as a fortress that could build an empire and at one point banished Rekoteh from the house due to her failure to find the Dragon's Mark, an emblem of adulthood in Dragonier society. During the endless winter, the Dragoniers devised a math game to take their mind off their troubles, which otherwise left them despairing of their future. Though they did find a dragon egg a short time before the game, they didn't have the means to hatch it. They relied on Rolan to eventually save them, not knowing that his heart had been filled with darkness and a hatred for humans.

When Brandt and Jusqua arrive in town in search of a way to Spelvia, Rekoteh helps them find the Dragon Harp and hatch the dragon egg. A short time later, the Heroes accidentally flood the world with a darkness that breaks time, sending Invidia fifteen years into the past. The Heroes of Light visit during the time that Rekoteh was banished and help her before traveling to the Sun Temple and defeating Mammon. With the curse broken, the Dragoniers' hearts are released from the cold.

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