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FFT Dragon Spirit

Dragonheart in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Dragonheart (竜の魂, Ryū no Tamashii?, lit. Dragon's Spirit), also known as Dragon Spirit. is a recurring ability in the Ivalice series. It is generally an ability learned for the Dragoon class, and generally grants Reraise to the user.


Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Dragonheart, also known as Dragon Spirit, is a reaction ability that the Dragoon class learns it for 560 JP. Whenever a unit with this ability takes any kind of damage, they will add the Reraise status to themselves, making them virtually invincible if their Bravery is high enough.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Dragonheart is again a reaction ability. The Dragoon learns it from the Vitanova sword for 300 AP. Dragonheart bestows the Auto-Life status if and only if the unit is struck with a weapon attack from the Fight command. Magic and other Action abilities, such as Air Render, will not trigger Dragonheart.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Dragonheart appears again in the sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, but it has been changed slightly, and only bestows Reraise once per battle, although it now activates when struck by any kind of physical attack. It is learnable by Dragoons and Lanistas, and on occasion, an especially strong Dragon may have it set.

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