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Dragonfly is a boss in Chapter 1 of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. It is a slow flying enemy, so is very easy to target. However, it is a very powerful craft offensively. The player will find their HP drop very quickly if they allow themselves to be targeted by its Machine Gun. The rockets are easily dodged. After about half its health has been destroyed, the Dragonfly will drop down six DG Soldiers into battle. They should be taken care of quickly by using the gas barrels before returning to destroying the boss.

Attacks Edit

Attack Damage Type Description
Machine Gun 8 Normal Fires its machine gun very quickly.
Twin Rockets 80 Hard Launches two rockets at the enemy for heavy damage, easily dodged.
DG SOLDIERS N/A N/A Drops six DG Soldiers into battle.

Gallery Edit

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