Dragoon command. Use techs learned from the dragons.

Dragon Tech (竜技, Ryūgi?) is an action ability usable by the Dragoon in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Dragon TechEdit

Ability Equipment Effect AP Power Range
Jump Javelin Jump high into the sky to deliver a spear attack. 100 As Weapon 4
Lancet Restorer Absorbs HP from target. 300 35 1
Wyrmtamer Buster Sword Persuades dragon to leave the field of battle. 200 1
Fire Breath Lava Spear Incendiary breath. Deals damage. 300 40 Cone
Bolt Breath Gae Bolg Electrically charged cloud. Deals damage. 300 40 Cone
Ice Breath Ice Lance Icy cold breath. Deals damage. 300 40 Cone
Wyrmkiller Blood Sword Ancient dragoon-killing technique. 300 As Weapon As Weapon
Bangaa Cry Dragon Whisker Bangaa warrior battle cry. Deals damage. 200 45 Cone