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FFT0 Dragon Sanctuary

The Dragon Sanctuary.

The Dragon Sanctuary (龍神の聖域, Ryūjin no Seiiki?), is a Concordian region in Final Fantasy Type-0, and the kingdom's most sacred place where dragons breed. It can only be reached via the Setzer airship, and thus becomes accessible in chapter 7. This region only has one type of weather: raining.


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As the Kingdom of Concordia surrenders to the Dominion of Rubrum after the latter invades the kingdom's capital, the people of Amiter and the Dragon Sanctuary don't accept defeat and keep on opposing the dominion to defend their Sanctuary. The dominion forces overwhelm the resistance in Amiter and destroy the Dragon Egg in the Sanctuary, cutting off the kingdom's "supply" of dragons.

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The Dragon Sanctuary is the northernmost region in Orience, completely surrounded by water. From there, one can have an overview over Mi-Go and Mount Jubanla. According to Amiter's citizens, the region is normally foggy.


Amiter is the main city of the region and the last opposing Concordian base.

The SanctuaryEdit

The Sanctuary is a sacred place for the Concordians where their dragons breed. It cannot be accessed except during the Expert Trial Dominating the Dragon's Nest.





The enemies here are between levels 72-




  • North Togoreth and the Dragon Sanctuary are the only regions in Orience sharing the same Theater Map.

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