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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Enemy
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Ffccrof dragonrider
Location 1 - Sinner's Isle (Story Mode) and Kilanda Isle (Multiplay)
2 - Lunite Temple (Story Mode Exclusive)
Item Dropped
Sinner's Isle/Kilanda Isle

Normal Mode:
Dark Crystal, Silver Light Armor, Anti-fire Armor, Executioner Mask, Dragonish Helm, Anti-heat Helmet, Victorious Weapon, Angel's Weapon, Iron, Lizard Scale, Dragon Scale, 300 gil

Hard Mode:
1300 gil, Activewear Scroll, Combat Armor Scroll, Cosmic Hair Tie Scroll, Cursed Weapon Scroll, Dark Crystal, Dark Orb, Dragon Horn, Dragon Scale, Executioner Mask, Feudal Lord Helm Scroll, Meteorite, Orichalcum, Silver, Steel, Wild Thing Helm Scroll

Very Hard Mode

Lunite Temple

Normal Mode
Celestial Weapon, Templar Helmet, Templar's Armor, Mythril, Steel, Orichalcum, Sahagin Fin, Flan Goop, Meteorite, Holy Orb, Dark Orb, 200 gil

Hard Mode
Monarch's Helm, Royal Heavy Armor, Dark Crystal, Ultimite, Abyssian, Yew Branch, Stained Fin, Dragon Horn, Dragon Scale, 200 gil

Very Hard Mode
Lift No
Sturdiness Cannot be knocked over
Rage Time 8s
Element None
Guard None
Story Mode
Play First Second Third
HP 1 - 4,140
2 - 3,000
1 - 7,710
2 - 6,000
1 - 9,210
2 - 7,500
ATK 1 - 125
2 - 158
1 - 330
2 - 369
1 - 552
2 - 595
DEF 1 - 96
2 - 148
1 - 232
2 - 286
1 - 380
2 - 437
MAG 1 - 65
2 - 38
1 - 157
2 - 129
1 - 258
2 - 228
LUCK 10 10 10
EXP 1 - 700
2 - 1,000
1 - 1,600
2 - 1,880
1 - 3,200
2 - 2,240
Mode Normal Hard Very Hard
HP 8,280 15,420 18,420
ATK 143 379 635
DEF 105 255 418
MAG 65 157 258
LUCK 10 10 10
EXP 700 1,600 3,200
Elemental affinities
RoF Fire Icon RoF Ice Icon RoF Thunder Icon
Null -3 0
RoF Stun Icon RoF Time-Space Icon RoF Dark Icon
15 9 3

The Dragon is a boss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. It is fought along with the Dragon Rider. It is fought twice in Story Mode and only once in Multiplay Mode.

Battle Edit

The Dragon is accompanied by the Dragon Rider, which is not a big threat to deal with. If the Dragon Rider is not defeated, but is knocked off of the Dragon, the player may jump on the Dragon and briefly control it, though they must be wary of being knocked off by the Dragon Rider.

Once the Rider is gone, the player should attack the Dragon's tail, which is its weak point. Utilizing Yuri or a Clavat makes this trivial, as once the Dragon is knocked down, the player can continuously attack its tail and keep it locked down for the rest of the fight.

The player should be wary of being close to the Dragon, as it'll attack with a Bite that does pretty decent damage as well as inflicts Stun. If the player is moderately far away, the Dragon may attempt to shoot a Fireball, which if it connects will deal high damage as well as the Burn status. If the player is far away that the Fireball cannot hit them, the Dragon may opt to use the Quake spell instead, which can inflict large damage as well as knock the player into the air.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.

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