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Dra Al Bhed (from Al Bhed: The Al Bhed) was a quick-play single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Rikku and the Al Bhed are acutely aware of the premises behind the Yevon faith and its summoners' pilgrimages. To defend one of their own, the Al Bhed send several machina to hinder Yuna's progress on her journey. However, when Rikku fails her head-on attempt to do so, she joins the party. Now, the team is further mired in the ugly truth behind Spira's very history, and must band together to protect Yuna while overcoming an age-old conflict between the Yevonites and the Al Bhed in order to save their world.

Musical themesEdit

"Oui Are Al Bhed" was the primary theme for this event.


  • Dungeon names for this event were encoded in the Al Bhed cypher. However, the cypher is incorrectly applied, as key terms and place names are very rarely ciphered in Final Fantasy X. In-game examples include the puzzle for the Spirit Lance outside of Baaj and the scene in which the Al Bhed raise the airship from the ocean.
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