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Download Pop-Up Card

The Screen.

The Download Pop-Up Card is a screen from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales where five promotion cards can be downloaded. In the European version, the promo cards can be obtained introducing a determinate sequence.

Promo CardsEdit

Starting in June 2007, three rare cards, used in the Pop-up Duel game could be downloaded from DS Download Stations. The cards feature Chocobo, the Ragnarok, and Shinryu. Download station locations can be found here.

Alternatively, do the following:

Go to the main menu, go to "send" then "Download Pop-Up Card" and enter the following codes while it says "Looking for available Downloads":

Bonus Cards (EU/AU/NZ versions)
  • Input R, Y, Right, Down, L, A to receive Chocobo.
  • Input Right, L, Y, Right, Down, Up to receive Omega.
  • Input A, L, Left, Up, R, R to receive Ragnarok.
  • Input Down, X, R, Right, A, B to receive Shinryu.
  • Input L, Up, Right, B, A, B to receive Ultima Weapon.
Japanese version
  • Input L, Y, R, X, A, B to receive Chocobo.
  • Input Right, Left, Right, Left, Y, A to receive Omega.
  • Input X, B, R, L, A, Y to receive Ragnarok.
  • Input Down, Y, Right, B, Up, A to receive Shinryu.
  • Input Up, A, B, R, L, X to receive Ultima Weapon.

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