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ChaosBlade 2-ffxii

Double-bladed weapons, also called thief swords or dual-blades, are a type of recurring weapons in the Final Fantasy series. They bear two separate blades at each tip and have their own method of functionality. This sort of weapon, like the gunblade, sees its use in the hands of both playable and non-playable characters of the series. Double-bladed weapons often, but not always, attack twice per action.


Final Fantasy VEdit


Twin Lance - FF5

The Twin Lance is the first double-bladed weapon, appearing as a boomerang-type weapon and can be equipped by Freelancers, Thieves, Ninjas and Mimes. With its double blades, this weapon can attack twice in one turn.

Final Fantasy IXEdit



Thief swords are a series of weapons unique to Zidane Tribal. All of the thief swords come with a status ailment imbued into them, but in order to inflict them, Zidane needs to use his Soul Blade Skill ability in combat.

List of thief swords:

Final Fantasy XIIEdit


DraceWeapon 3-ffxii

Judge Magisters are known to wield paired weapons, one short, and one long; separate, these weapons act like single hand weapons, conjoined, they act akin to a double ended polearm, with both blade's edges facing outwards rather than a cyclical parallel. One prime example is of Judge Gabranth, whose weaponry comprises of the Chaos Blade and the Highway Star.

They also feature weapons other than blades, such as Judge Drace's dual maces.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


FFXIII Gungnir

Oerba Yun Fang wields spears bearing two spearheads. In addition, this weapon can also be converted into a sansetsukon-nunchaku form.

Zantetsuken is also a dual-bladed weapon.

List of spears:

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


LRFFXIII Heaven's Bridge

Dual-blades are a weapon type available to Lightning. They lower Lightning's Strength by 50% while providing the passive abilities Precise HP Restore and Stagger Power: -X%. While equipped with dual-blades, Lightning hits twice per attack.

Fang returns wielding the Bladed Lance, which is also an obtainable weapon for Lightning, however, it's classified as a standard spear and is used as such by Lightning.

List of dual-blades:

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XVEdit

Clarus Amicitia's weapon of choice is a double-bladed sword.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit



Zidane wields a pair of Mage Mashers which combine into the Ogre and Gabranth wields the Chaos Blade and Highway Star.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 Zidane and Gabranth return wielding their signature weapons. Lightning wields Odin's Zantetsuken while executing HP moves.