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Doorway to Another Realm, also referred to as Doorway to Another World on Twitter, was a Collector's Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


For an overview of the rules, see Collector's Event.

Players acquired Prismatic Seeds in battle to make purchases at the Event Shop.


Wol is a Blank, a man without memory of his past, or exactly where he came from. The only thing he knows is fighting. He is sent through a mysterious vortex to the desolate world of Palamecia, where he trains under a brooding knight named Garland, assisted also by the enigmatic Vox. Palamecia's people place their hope in a prophecy that one day, a Warrior of Light shall rise and conquer its darkness for good.

In this special crossover event, players meet the cast of Mobius Final Fantasy as they battle to save their dying world.

Prismatic Seeds exchangesEdit

Global releaseEdit

Item Prismatic Seeds Exchanges
Mythril×1 100 1
Mythril×1 150 1
Mythril×1 200 1
Mythril×1 250 1
Mythril×1 300 1
Mythril×1 350 1
Mythril×1 400 1
Mythril×1 450 1
Mythril×1 500 1
Mythril×1 550 1
Mystic Tablet (I)×1 2,000 1
Soul of a Hero×1 500 1
Memory Crystal Lode×1 1,200 1
Memory Crystal II Lode×1 2,500 1
Garland Memory Crystal×1 1,200 1
Sarah Memory Crystal×1 1,200 1
Garland Memory Crystal II×1 2,500 1
Item Prismatic Seeds Exchanges
Sarah Memory Crystal II×1 2,500 1
Growth Egg×1 200 20
Greater Growth Egg×1 500 4
Major Growth Egg×1 1,500 1
Lesser Holy Orb×1 20 15
Lesser Power Orb×1 20 15
Lesser Black Orb×1 20 15
Lesser White Orb×1 20 15
Holy Orb×1 120 10
Power Orb×1 120 10
Black Orb×1 120 10
White Orb×1 120 10
Greater Holy Orb×1 1,000 3
Greater Power Orb×1 1,000 3
Greater Black Orb×1 1,000 3
Greater White Orb×1 1,000 3
Gil×2,000 500 Unlimited

Prismatic Seed drop bonusesEdit

Difficulty Enemy Boss
Easy 7 15
Normal 20 25
Hard 35 100
Heroic 75 200
+ N/A 450
++ N/A
+++ N/A
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