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Doomtrain (グラシャラボラス, Gurasha Raborasu?, lit. Glasya Labolas) is a summon appearing only in Final Fantasy VIII, as a Guardian Force.

Attack Edit

Runaway Train

Doomtrain's attack, Runaway Train (果てしなき暴走, Hateshinaki Bōsō?), is Poison-elemental and can inflict several abnormal statuses on the enemy: Sleep, Poison, Darkness, Silence, Slow, Stop, Berserk, Confuse, Doom, Petrifying, and Vit 0.

Doomtrain's summon time is 22.9s, which, according to the Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania, allows the player to boost its damage to around 240% of normal damage using a regular PlayStation controller.

Its damage is calculated as follows:[1]

Damage = 58 * Level / 10 + 45 + 10
Damage = Damage * (265 - TargetSpr) / 8
Damage = Damage * 45 / 256
Damage = Damage * Boost / 100
Damage = Damage * (100 + SummonMagBonus) / 100
Damage = Damage * (900 - ElemDef) / 100:

Elemental Defense starts at 800 (0%), 900 nullifies damage and 1000 absorbs it. If an enemy is shown to be weak against an element, its Elemental Defense is below 800. If damage becomes negative (due to high Elemental Defense), the target is healed by that amount.

Compatibility Edit

Compatibility Chart
Summon Effect Doomtrain +20, Alexander -10, Every other GF -1.6
Compatibility Items Poison Powder +1.6 (-0.8 for others), Venom Fang +3.2 (-1.6 for others), LuvLuv G +20.2
Casting Magic Berserk +1, Blind +1, Bio +1, Break +1, Confuse +1, Death +1, Silence +1, Sleep +1, Slow +1, Stop +1, Zombie +1, Apocalypse +0.2, Ultima +0.2, Holy -2

Stats Edit

The following table represents the base stats:

Level HP Attack Power
28 2,521 1,931
30 2,686 2,028
40 3,514 2,509
50 4,350 2,990
60 5,194 3,471
70 6,046 3,953
80 6,906 4,434
90 7,774 4,915
100 8,650 5,396

Abilities Edit

Abilities learned naturally by Doomtrain are listed below:

Ability AP Prerequisite Ability AP Prerequisite
FFVIII Junction ability icon Elem-Atk-J (Already learned) FFVIII GF ability icon SumMag+10% 40 None
FFVIII Junction ability icon ST-Atk-J (Already learned) FFVIII GF ability icon SumMag+20% 70 SumMag+10%
FFVIII Junction ability icon Elem-Def-Jx4 180 None FFVIII GF ability icon SumMag+30% 140 SumMag+20%
FFVIII Junction ability icon ST-Def-Jx4 180 None FFVIII GF ability icon SumMag+40% 200 SumMag+30%
FFVIII Command ability icon Magic (Already learned) FFVIII GF ability icon GFHP+10% 40 None
FFVIII Command ability icon GF (Already learned) FFVIII GF ability icon GFHP+20% 70 GFHP+10%
FFVIII Command ability icon Draw (Already learned) FFVIII GF ability icon GFHP+30% 140 GFHP+20%
FFVIII Command ability icon Item (Already learned) FFVIII GF ability icon GFHP+40% 200 GFHP+30%
FFVIII Command ability icon Darkside 100 None FFVIII GF ability icon Boost 10 None
FFVIII Command ability icon Absorb 80 None FFVIII Menu ability icon Junk Shop (Already learned)
FFVIII Character ability icon Auto-Shell 250 None FFVIII Menu ability icon Forbid Med-RF 200 None

Obtaining Doomtrain Edit

Occult Fan 3

Occult Fan mentions Doomtrain.

To obtain Doomtrain, the player must have the Solomon Ring and at least 6 Steel Pipes, 6 Remedy+, and 6 Malboro Tentacles. The player can find hints on obtaining Doomtrain in a magazine called Occult Fan. Once all the items have been collected, Doomtrain will join automatically when Solomon's Ring is used in the inventory.

It is possible to obtain Doomtrain as early as Disc 2 through the use of the Chocobo World minigame. Solomon Rings, along with the other items required to activate the ring, are possible item drops from this game. If the player doesn't have access to Chocobo World, Doomtrain can be obtained as early as Disc 3.

Solomon's Ring can be found in Tears' Point, near the foot of the giant statue. Steel Pipes can be mugged from Wendigos or refined from Elastoid cards. Remedy+ can be obtained by refining 10 Remedies with Alexander's Med-LV Up ability (must learn Med Data first), and Malboro Tentacles are obtained by defeating or mugging Malboros. One can also use Quezacotl's Card Mod ability to refine a Malboro Tentacle from four Malboro cards.

When the Solomon's Ring is selected in the inventory, Doomtrain will call out:

'You called upon me?'
'I am...' (at which point the player names the GF)
'I shall become your ally'

Obtaining Doomtrain in the Steam version earns the player the achievement Doomtrain.

Triple Triad Edit


Picture of Doomtrain from Occult Fan IV.

Doomtrain Card
TTDoomtrain Element Poison
Refine 1 refines into 3 Status Guard
Drop n/a
Card n/a
Level 9 (GF Card) Win Part of Queen of Cards side quest; win from pub owner in Timber.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō Edit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit

Doomtrain TCG

Doomtrain appears in the trading card game with an ice-elemental card.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

In demonology, Glasya-Labolas is derived from one of Goetia's demons, the mighty President of Hell who commands thirty-six legions of demons. He is depicted as a dog with the wings of a griffin. He is mentioned in the 17th century Grimoire, The Lesser Key of Solomon. Doomtrain is obtained from the Solomon's Ring.

Doomtrain is called Helltrain in French and Spanish and Kharonte in Italian.

In the debug menu, accessible only via a cheat device, a menu refers to Doomtrain as "Death Express". This may suggest it was Doomtrain's intended name, but it was over the character limit—likewise, Pandemona is referred to as "Pandemonium". In the French version its attack is called "Death Express".

Trivia Edit

  • Doomtrain resembles, and some have speculated that it may have been inspired by, the Phantom Train boss in Final Fantasy VI. Besides the obvious similarities in name and appearance, the two also have the same power to inflict many detrimental status ailments on enemies.
    • It seems that Doomtrain's wheel configuration is the same as the Phantom Train's one 4-0-4.
  • The Malboro Tentacle x6, Steel Pipe x6, and Remedy+ x6 are a reference to the Number of the beast.
  • In Final Fantasy XI, Glasyalabolas was the name of the Japanese PC beta server, keeping with the game's theme of naming its servers after summons in the series.
  • The concept of a sentient and evil train is possibly a reference to "Blaine the Mono" (or at least bears a strong resemblance to the character), from Stephen King's Dark Tower book series.
  • Doomtrain has an arm in his steam calculator nearby his smokebox.

Reference Edit

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