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Doomsday in Final Fantasy IX.

Causes Shadow damage to all targets.
—Description, Final Fantasy IX.

Doomsday (ジハード, Jihādo?, lit. Jihad or パニッシュレイ, Panisshu Rei?, lit. Punish Ray), also known as Decay, is a recurring Dark-elemental spell in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy VEdit

Doomsday, known in Japan as Punish Ray, appears as a Dark Arts spell usable by the Necromancers in the Game Boy Advance and mobile versions. It costs 66 MP and has power of 254. It is learned from defeating Hades.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Vivi Ornitier can use the Black Magic spell Doomsday, learned from his ultimate staff, Mace of Zeus. When cast, clusters of asteroids and meteoroids gather together in space to create one enormous meteor, which slowly descends and enters the atmosphere, colliding with the enemy and the surrounding area. It does a large amount of Shadow damage to the enemies and party. It can't be reflected and works with Return Magic.

Steiner can also use Doomsday as a Sword Magic technique, but the difference between Vivi's spell version and Steiner's Sword Magic version is that Vivi's spell targets both enemies and party members, while Steiner only affects all enemies. In the game's Japanese version, Doomsday was known as "Jihad". A powerful combo would be to equip the party with add-ons/armor which absorb shadow, allowing the party to heal massive amounts of HP with every casting of Doomsday. The spell is learned for 150 AP, costs 72 MP to use, and has a spell power of 112.

Doomsday can also be used by Hades and the superboss Ozma.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Doomsday appears as Ozma's most powerful ability when fought in The Weeping City of Mhach. In order to stop the ability from wiping the entire raid, player's must defeat the "Ozmashade" enemy during the parallel dimension of the fight.

In the Japanese versions of the game, the ability name is actually Doomsday (ドゥームデイ, Doumuzudei?), not using the original "Jihad" name from Final Fantasy IX. This is due to the game's development team using a reverse localization process for some of the ability names.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

Doomsday is a Magic Type Reactive Ability that can be learned by Celes at Level 80, Lightning #2 at Level 90, Vivi at Level 65, Shantotto at Level 55, or taught to a character with the Doomsday Scroll item. Doomsday activates once in BMSs when the player reaches a chain of 50. This ability deals Extra Strength Magic Damage, but reduces the player's HP by 30%.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Doomsday is an ability usable by one of Vivi's cards. Doomsday requires the discard of a Vivi card, Dulling Vivi, and four Fire CP. It deals 7000 damage to each Forward.



Doomsday is comprised of the old English words dom and dæg meaning Judgement and Day. In Abrahamic religions, this refers to the time when God will descend from Heaven and judge the souls of mankind and will be rewarded or punished depending on the virtue of their souls.

The spell is called "Jihad" in Japanese. The spell name Jihādo (ジハード?), is also used as the Japanese name for the Final Fantasy VI esper, Crusader.

"Jihad" refers to a method used by practitioners of Islam to wage religious warfare on non-Muslims; the Crusades were once viewed as holy wars, so the meaning is not significantly changed. Jihad's literal meaning in Arabic is 'struggle', and it is also a term to describe the inner conflict a Muslim undergoes to make him/herself a better person.

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