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Doned Radiuju is Marche's brother from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. He is first introduced as wheelchair-bound kid, and is apparently suffering from an illness.

Story Edit

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Ffta cast illustration

In this artwork, Doned is with his brother Marche, looking through a donut.

He is wheelchair-bound in the real world, but can walk in the imaginary world of Ivalice. As such, Doned has no desire to return to the real world, until Marche confronts him and explains how he truly feels. On one occasion, Doned makes a significant attempt to impede Marche's project by stealing his Materite for use in Bervenia Palace's Present Day.

Regardless of this, Marche is still able to create an acceptable present with the help of Nono. After Doned attempts to sabotage Marche on numerous other occasions, Marche sets him up for a meeting at Tubola Cave. Here, Marche expresses his feelings about Doned's preferential treatment from their mother and explains that her care was something that Doned had and Marche did not. Doned finally understands his brother's ambitions and agrees to help him.

At the end of the game, back in the real St. Ivalice, Doned is once again confined to a wheelchair. However, he seems to have accepted his condition, and is seen making new friends and teaching them how to play Final Fantasy.

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Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Artniks Edit


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Trivia Edit

  • Doned has his own clan, "Clan Doned," and a faction of this clan, the Doned Faction can be fought at Ambervale. Though he has his own clan, he could not be fought.

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