The Don Tonberry is a rare enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Equipping the Battlemania Fragment Skill increases the chances of encountering it. Taming the Don Tonberry rewards the player with the Beast Tamer trophy/achievement.



When his health is almost depleted Don Tonberry regenerates his health by stealing the party members' health.

Don Tonberry becomes a good enemy to farm once the player's Crystarium becomes fairly well-leveled.


For lower levels, having at least 6000HP for both Serah and Noel makes the fight easier.

The recommended paradigms are:

  • Cerberus (COM/COM/COM)
  • Tri-disaster (RAV/RAV/RAV)
  • Discretion (MED/MED/COM)

Starting with Cerberus as the default paradigm the party should stabilize Don Tonberry's stagger gauge by getting a few hits in. After a few strikes the party should shift to Tri-disaster and focus on staggering Don Tonberry. The party should automatically have Haste from the preemptive strike, so staggering him shouldn't take long combined with his low stagger point.

Once Don Tonberry is staggered Serah should unleash Ultima Arrow to help bring his stagger level up to around 750%. With decent stats the player should be able to switch back to Cerberus and finish off Don Tonberry before his stagger wears off. Noel can unleash his Meteor Javelin just when Don Tonberry is about to recover from stagger for massive damage.

Item drop farmingEdit

After killing Don Tonberry the player can receive Scarletite as a common drop (which sells for 18,700 gil in shops with Haggler) or Hermes Sandals (which sell for 11,000 gil, again with Haggler). With a maxed character equipping a Collector Catalog, or preferably, a Durable Collector Catalog, the player will get a Scarletite essentially every time. This makes Don Tonberry a good monster to farm for money.

Paradigm PackEdit

Don Tonberry is a quick-hitting Commando. Since its Strength and Magic are nearly equal, Don Tonberry can function as a Magic-based Commando with good spell-casting speed. However, it cannot use its useful Drain Attack or its Chaser abilities with Ruin or Ruinga. While its HP is lower than most Paradigm Pack Commandos' without HP +30%, it naturally resists all status ailments and halves physical and magic damage. Its Feral Link, Hateful Gouge, capitalizes on Strength and inflicts Deprotect, Imperil, Curse, and Slow with a maximum synchronization rate of 300%.

Its downsides include having only one Crystarium expansion. While versatile, Chichu and Cactuar are better Strength-based Commandos and the Red Chocobo a better Magic-based one. Don tonberry learns Quick Stagger and Bonus CP, but it has a passive ability named Perpetual Poison, which means one has to heal it every once in a while. However, if the player teaches it some Critical:Buff abilities, in HP Critical Don Tonberry can be blessed with a myriad of buffs, allowing it to serve in a Synergist-like fashion, as it can share its buffs with the rest of the Paradigm Pack. Don Tonberry has higher base stats, but the regular Tonberry is perhaps slightly better.

Monster statsEdit


Ability Level Type Infuse
Ruin Initial Command N
Drain Attack Initial Command N
Perpetual Poison Initial Passive N
Bloodthirsty 2 Auto N
Stagger: Wound 4 Auto N
Fog Chaser 6 Auto N
Poison Chaser 8 Auto N
Pain Chaser 10 Auto N
Curse Chaser 12 Auto N
Imperil Chaser 14 Auto N
Deshell Chaser 16 Auto N
Deprotect Chaser 18 Auto N
Slow Chaser 20 Auto N
Quick Stagger 26 Passive Y
Bonus CP 30 Passive N



  • The maximum HP of both Tonberry and Don Tonberry—393,939, refers to the maximum HP—39,393—of the Tonberry from Final Fantasy V, the game Tonberries first appeared in.

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