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Suzaku coat of arms


The Dominion of Rubrum (朱雀領ルブルム, Suzaku-ryō Ruburumu?) is a country where Akademeia, a magic academy and the capital, is located in Final Fantasy Type-0. The Militesi Empire, where the Ingram is located, is its neighbor. The nation is governed by a Consortium of Eight who also lead the academy. Khalia Chival VI is head of the state and the academy headmaster. Akademeia Cadets are selected by the Vermilion Bird Crystal for their magic ability, and following entrance exams are split into appropriate classes. They all strive to become Agito to save Orience.

Rubrum comes under attack from neighboring Militesi Empire, sending the Akademeia students into action.


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The Dominion of Rubrum

Rubrum's governing body, the Consortium of Eight, is headed by Akademeia Chancellor Khalia Chival VI. The dominion is the most verdant nation in Orience, boasting the stablest climate. Using the blessing of the Vermilion Bird Crystal, her people have developed their own tools and teknology. Humans are not the only denizens of Rubrum: gentle creatures such as moogles and chocobos also inhabit the dominion, peacefully coexisting with the populace.

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Location and WeatherEdit

FF type 0 3

Rubrum's plains. Notice the roaming chocobo and the Agito Tower.

Rubrum is located at south to southwest of the Orience map. It typically exhibits traits that of a South East Asian country, spotting hot weather and occasionally heavy misty rains.

Its plains are roamed by various monsters, such as Aqua Flan and Bombs. Dual Horns are also known to roam around the plains, attacking players on sight although its numbers are slightly minimal than those encountered in the desert.


Rubrum Region is the main dominion area where the capital, Akademeia, is located off the coast. Other towns in the area are McTighe, Corsi and Aqvi, with a cave teeming with coeurls near Corsi. To the east lies the Eibon Region with the Eibon military base and the town of Toguagh, and the eastern sand banks on the Innsmouth Region are uninhabited with the Innsmouth Coast being home to the colossal Adamantoises with occasional treasures washing up ashore.

Oriense World Map

The dominion territories are red on the map of Orience.

Togoreth Region is to the west from the Rubrum Region with the stronghold of Togoreth as its main location, with the town of Keziah situated across a river. The Northern Togoreth Region has the Northern Corridor cave leading to the Jubanla Region and its Mount Jubanla volcano, the town of Mi-Go the northernmost dominion town in this region.

Iscah Region lies east from Togoreth with the towns of Iscah and Rokol in the area. Meroë Region is the dominion's easternmost region bordering with the Militesi Empire, with the town of Meroë situated near the Bethnel Caverns. Because the region borders the empire there are numerous army bases here.

Towns and EducationEdit

FF type 0 1

Akademeia, located on an island in the middle of the ocean.

Towns are a fusion of the futuristic cities in Militesi Empire, and the traditional Concordia, displaying a Victorian-esque style yet with a touch of futurism. The entrance in each town are guarded by Rubrum soldiers as a means of security. The civilians are often seen donning in simple village clothing.

Rubrum's main academic institution is Akademeia where students are enrolled by their parents to learn about combat and magic. Additionally, the academy doubles up as a military base, training both military cadets and soldiers.

Upon completion in their studies, students have the choice of furthering their studies as a Military Cadet, progressing in to a soldier to serve their country. With enough experience in war, these soldiers are promoted in Cadet Commanders, who train cadets and take an active role by leading their soldiers to victory. Alternatively, they may choose to be instructors for the juniors.

Linguistics and LanguageEdit

The language of Rubrum appears to be a mix of British English, Chinese, and Japanese dialects.

Names also appear to have different uses of these dialects, as towns are majorly given English names, with Chinese and Japanese reserved for citizens (Khalia Chival VI being an exception).


While not displaying use of advanced technology like its enemy counterpart, Rubrum can utilize simple teleportation machines, particularly in Akademeia where students can teleport in and out. These machines are powered by the Vermilion Bird Crystal.

Having received a mixture of influence from the Militesi Empire and Kingdom of Concordia, Rubrum's field of Weaponry Research and Development has invented their own respective weapons and firearms.


FF type 0 5

Kasumi, one of Rubrum's military commanders, leading the war.

During combat, dominion legionaries are typically covered in cloaks as means of concealing their identity, their bodies covered with plated armor and greaves from top to bottom. Female soldiers wear thigh-high stockings whereas male soldiers wear long pants.

Although the armies are small in number and not as advanced nor refined as the Militesi Empire or the Concordian armies, Rubrum legions are by no means a weak force. The dominion legionaries, like the Militesi, possess a strong will and patriotism, which is one of the factors that makes Rubrum a force to be reckoned with.

FF type 0 6

Nine participating in one of Rubrum's many attempts to infiltrate and raid a Militesi Military Base.

Rubrum's lack of manpower and minimal firearms are made up with the power of magic and Eidolons the Crystal bestows. Despite the creation of guns, soldiers prefer cold weapons, such as swords, in contrast to the Militesi, although their proficiency with weapons is not only restricted to that. There are those who choose to wield firearms, such Cater and King from Class Zero. Many, however, choose to fight through the use of magic, which allows for greater mobility.

The military's standard war god is Bahamut capable of taking down airborne enemies through a strong burst of Mega Salvo, although they are susceptible to damage and can be incapacitated.

FFT-0 Suzaku Students Defending

Only in desperate times that Akademeia students are called to fight alongside their superiors, in order to defend their country.

When the Militesi Empire attempts to take over the other Crystal-Nations, Akademeia students are enrolled to the military. Although cadets and students can fight for their country, and are often seen as powerful force in missions, as a general rule they are not called to arms unless the legionaries are outnumbered and are required to assist them to defend the citizens. Khalia Chival VI once stated that while the students are willing to die for the country, he tries not to put them at risk, going as far as considering unethical means to defeat their enemy.

Rubrum and Lorica are the only countries to not utilize creatures like Militesi Empire or Concordia to do their bidding in war. While chocobos can take down enemies, they serve more as a mobility purpose in combat.

The Rubrum army deploys several airships, although like the chocobos, are mainly meant for the purpose of logistics. During the First Battle of Judecca the dominion makes use of magic cannons fired from the airships. Rubrum's airship fleet is known as the Crimson Wings. The Kisaragi-class cruisers are the most common dreadnoughts in the dominion. Among other types of craft, the Crimson Wings also currently employs small Yukikaze-class scout ships, large Shikishima-class carries, and high-speed Shimakaze-class corvettes.


FF type 0 4

Rubrum's standard airship.

FF type 0 2

Rubrum's chocobo ranch, separated from Akademeia located on its own distinct island.

Rubrum's main transports include airships and chocobos that are bred in a ranch separated from Akademeia. Airships are used to carry a legions of soldiers at once, allowing them to raid Militesi military bases. Some soldiers ride their chocobos to war.

Despite the great convenience in transportation, many soldiers prefer to travel on foot.


Vermilion Bird l'Cie are selected by the Crystal. Although there has been many l'Cie in the past, most were either killed or forced into crystal stasis during the wars. Therefore, many of them were not revealed or replaced by another l'Cie. Currently, there are two known l'Cie in Rubrum.

  • Zhuyu Voghfau Byot: Primus l'Cie, a combat specialist who can freely wield fire and uses an axe in battle.
  • Caetuna: Secundus l'Cie, specializes in summoning, the oldest l'Cie in Orience.

Musical ThemesEdit

"Divine Fire"
Sacred Fire
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Divine Fire" is the theme of the Dominion of Rubrum. This theme is featured within the main theme of the game, "The Beginning of the End" and also have several arranged versions.

Other AppearancesEdit

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

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[view  · edit  · purge]Rubrum is Latin for "(the) red".

[view  · edit  · purge]Suzaku in Japanese, the Vermilion Bird is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. It represents the south and the season of summer.

[view  · edit  · purge]The Four Symbols (Chinese: 四象; pinyin: Sì Xiàng) are four mythological creatures in the Chinese constellations. They are the Azure Dragon, (Qing Long) of the East, the Vermilion Bird (Zhu Que) of the South, the White Tiger (Bai Hu) of the West, and the Black Turtle (Xuan Wu) of the North. While originating from China, the Four Symbols are also widely known in Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Each region have distinct names for the symbols. In Japan, the Shijin, as they are collectively known, are called Seiryū, Suzaku, Byakko and Genbu respectively.


The country's attributes and qualities, as well as symbolism to one of the animals of the Four Symbols is evident in its themes.

  • Representing the south, the nation is situated in a southern most region of Orience.
  • Representing the season of Summer, the nation boasts a constant subtropical humid climate with little evidence of snow.
  • Aligned with the Wu Xing element of Fire, the element has always been regarded as a divine and/or supernatural force, and because of this, is regarded as mystical and revered. The Vermilion Bird Crystal bestowing upon the Power of Magic to manipulate nature's forces at will, allows its users to gain mythical control to this element central to all of civilization.
  • Its animal the Fenghuang, the Phoenix takes its place. The animal, in Chinese symbolism, represents purity, virtuous character, prosperity, and bears all five colors of the Wu Xing, representing unity and order. In addition, the animal also represents heavenly power bestowed to the empress, likely hinting to Arecia Al-Rashia's true identity and role.
  • The color red is an auspicious color in East Asian cultures. In addition, Japanese literary themes also signifies protagonists or heroic and brave qualities through the color.

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