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Upon the eastern banks of Othard lies Doma, the lands from which the ninja and samurai hail. Invaded twenty-five years ago by the Garlean Empire in their relentless effort to expand their borders, this once-peaceful nation now struggles under the imperial yoke. In the wake of a recent large-scale uprising that ended in failure, a majority of the civilians have been stripped of even their most fundamental freedoms.
—Official site description
Doma concept art

Concept art of Doma.

Doma is a city-state from Final Fantasy XIV. Located in the fertile land of Yanxia in Othard, it was a vassal to the Garlean Empire. When the empire began to fracture from a succession crisis, they tried to rebel only to be razed to the ground in retaliation by Zenos yae Galvus. It is now occupied by an imperial viceroy and her host of brutish men. Citizens in the area struggle to survive in the face of oppression, which comes in the form of punishing taxes and grueling physical labor.

Many refugees fled across the seas. Yugiri Mistwalker is the leader of the Doman refugees that arrived in Vesper Bay seeking asylum in Ul'dah.

Doma will be accessible in the expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Creation and developmentEdit

Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that Doma's culture and settlement are based on Japan and once Doma starts trading with Eorzea in the future update we will see more Japanese-style items, equipment, and furnishings in the game. The Ninja job originally comes from Doma, as does the Raen clan of the Au Ra race.


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