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Doga's Grotto
Doga's Grotto.
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Doga's Grotto - Entrance
The entrance to Doga's Grotto via Doga's Manor.
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Doga's Grotto (ドーガの洞窟, Dooga no Doukutsu?) is a location in Final Fantasy III, and is only visitable until the boss that lies within is defeated. When the party returns to Doga's Manor after defeating Hecatoncheir at the Cave of Shadows, Doga creates a teleport circle to the grotto. Doga and Unei await at the end to repair the Eureka Key.


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After obtaining the Fang of Earth at the Cave of Shadows, Doga and Unei telepathically call the Light Warriors to Doga's Manor. Upon entering Doga's home, the wizard creates a warp circle to the Grotto, and asks the Warriors to meet him and Unei at the bottom.

Upon meeting with the two students of Noah's, the Warriors of Light are faced with a great challenge: defeat them in battle so as to release energy to unseal the Eureka key. Felling Doga and Unei heavily shakes the morale of the Warriors of Light, but their incorporeal and eternal souls cheer them with support, giving them the Eureka and Syrcus key as well.

After this ordeal, the Warriors of Light head to the Crystal Tower, to face Xande.


NES Item DS Item Location
20000 Gil 10000 Gil Second Floor
20000 Gil 10000 Gil Second Floor
Barrier Rising Sun Left room at Third Floor
Barrier Lust Dagger Left room at Third Floor
Barrier White Musk Left room at Third Floor
Barrier Chocobo's Wrath Right room at Third Floor
Phoenix Down Fourth Floor
Phoenix Down Fourth Floor


Battle BackgroundEdit



"Pavilion of Dorga and Une" from the DS version of Final Fantasy III
FFIII - Pavillion of Doga and Unei
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Doga's Grotto shares the background theme with that of Doga's Manor: "Pavilion of Dorga and Une".

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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Doga's Grotto Battle Brigade

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