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Dodore is one of the initial Notorious Monsters added in Final Fantasy XIV, and widely regarded as the hardest one to fight outside of dungeons. He is always accompanied by 3 weaker and smaller Ahriman enemies called "Dodore's Minions", which all have the same abilities as the main one, as well as Level 5 Petrify and Blind.

Spawn conditionsEdit

Dodore will always appear during the purple fog weather effect in Mor Dhona. Weather changes may happen every day at 00:00, 08:00 and 16:00 in-game time. If killed quickly enough so the weather doesn't change, he can even spawn again during the same fog. Its general spawning area is north of Camp Brittlebark.


The main problem in this fight is all the monsters present and their status effects. Tail Whip not only deals around 600 damage, but also deals Silence, Pacify and Amnesia for 30 seconds, pretty much locking all the player's skills and spells. Level 5 Petrify is another AoE move that will always work on rank 50 players, and can stop entire parties depending on their positioning. Finally, the Thaumaturge spell, Shadowsear, is a constant threat during the battle, as two or three Shadowsears cast in succession can mean an instant party wipe, since it will often hit everyone for 600+ damage, sometimes even 1000+.

Due to this, a common strategy is to bring 3 or 4 players able to provoke and tank, separating the enemy team into smaller 1-2 groups, with Dodore also isolated from every other minion. After doing this, Conjurers focus on healing the tanks, Thaumaturges on using DoT spells against all the enemies with their good spell range, while other "free" members kill a monster at a time. As soon as the minions are down, the fight can be considered done with, as dodore alone isn't that strong.

Another strategy that became popular after a Thaumaturge video solo was posted is using a Thaumaturge with high VIT as a tanker. Using the Emulate spell to copy Dodore's Earth element, the Seismic Shock move's damage is greatly reduced. With the proper positioning, all the minions will focus on using Seismic Shock instead of Tail Whip, so a single Thaumaturge with a backup conjurer healer is able to tank them all while another party member provokes Dodore to separate him from the group and let the rest of the party deal with it. As Dodore is killed, the minions can be ignored since they do not drop the most important item, Dodore's Wing. However, this solo strategy is no longer feasible due to the changes in the healing spell costs and reduction of Emulate duration XIV