The following list is based on a combination of in-game sources and fan conjecture - many enemy families have not been named or classified by official Square Enix material; the current classifications are merely placeholders.

A list of Cloudkin enemies from Final Fantasy XIV, which consists of varying forms of avians.

Spawn notes:

  • Standard = Enemy will spawn naturally without any prompt.
  • Boss = Powerful enemy that appears as a boss in the associated dungeon, trial, or raid.
  • Boss minion = Enemy will only spawn as part of a boss encounter, and will despawn upon the defeat of said boss.
  • Quest, levequest, FATE, guildhest, treasure map = Enemy will only spawn when prompted by the associated event.
  • Quest, levequest, guildhest or FATE boss = Powerful enemy that is the sole or primary target of a FATE, levequest, guildhest, or instanced quest.
  • Levequest wanted target = Powerful bonus enemy that occasionally spawns during associated levequests that is not part of the levequest's objectives, but drops valuable items.
  • Elite mark = Powerful enemy that will spawn as part of the Hunt, with its strength and spawn times and conditions varying based on its rank.
  • Enemies found in the Diadem hold ranks based on their difficulty, the ranks being I through V with an additional ★-rank signifying the toughest enemies.
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Apkallu - Bird of Paradise - Chocobo - Colibri - Deathgaze - Dodo - Endymion - Gagana - Griffin - Harpeia - Hippogryph - Hornbill - Skatene - Vulture - Yol - Zu - Zu Hatchling



 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Alpha Apkallu 50 Middle La Noscea Treasure map
Apkallu 30 Eastern La Noscea Standard
Apkallu Caller 26-33 Eastern La Noscea Levequest*Lv.30 "Birds of a Feather", "Call Me Mating", "Under Foot"
Bloody Mary 50 Eastern La Noscea B-rank elite mark

Bird of ParadiseEdit

 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Bird of Paradise 60 Sea of Clouds S-rank elite mark
Bird of the Deep Palace 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 171-180 Standard
Bird of the Palace 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 71-80 Standard
Kerkes 60 Diadem Rank V
Nunyenunc 60 Neverreap Boss
Nunyenunc's Shadow 60 Neverreap Boss minion*Nunyenunc
Singularity Ripple 60 Weeping City of Mhach Boss minion*Ozma


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Bull Chocobo 52 Dravanian Forelands FATE boss*Lv.52 "By the Horns"
Wild Chocobo 52 Dravanian Forelands Standard
Wild Draught Chocobo 53 Dravanian Forelands Quest*Lv.53 "Chocobo's Last Stand"


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Colibri 30-33 Eastern La Noscea FATE*Lv.33 "Consigned, Sealed, and Undelivered", "No Lip", "Sweeter Than Honey", standard
Crown Tuco Tuco 60 Diadem Standard
Myradrosh 50 Upper La Noscea B-rank elite mark
Neverreap Toco Toco 60 Neverreap Standard
Orn Kite 58 Dravanian Hinterlands Standard
Painted Colibri 32-50 Brayflox's Longstop, Brayflox's Longstop (Hard) Standard
Southern Seas Colibri 60 Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Standard
Talking Colibri 29-33 Eastern La Noscea Levequest*Lv.30 "Birds of a Feather"
Toco Toco 56-59 Sea of Clouds FATE*Lv.59 "Guano a Mano", standard
Yehl 59 Sea of Clouds FATE boss*Lv.59 "Rebel Yehl"


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Alpha Deathgaze 47 North Shroud Treasure map
Asipatra 34 Central Shroud FATE boss*Lv.34 "Asipatra Attacks"
Death Gaze 33 Central Shroud Standard
Manipulated Gaze 54-58 Coerthas Western Highlands, Sea of Clouds Quest*Lv.54 "Big Sollerets to Fill", "All According to Plan"
Palace Deathgaze 20 Palace of the Dead Floors 1-10 Boss
Simurgh 23 Upper La Noscea FATE boss*Lv.23 "Simurgh Is the Word"
Trained Deathgaze 35 Coerthas Central Highlands Quest*Lv.35 "Lance of Fury"
Tyrant 50 Pharos Sirius Boss
Void Tyrant 45 South Shroud Quest*Lv.45 "The Voidgate Breathes Gloomy"
Vyraal 50 Coerthas Central Highlands Quest boss*Lv.50 "Keeping the Oath"
Zona Seeker 50 Western Thanalan S-rank elite mark


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Battle Bird 60 Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) Standard
Cockatrice 56-59 Dravanian Hinterlands FATE*Lv.59 "Cockatrice Block", "Poroggo Stuck", standard
Curved-beak Cockatrice 55 Dravanian Hinterlands FATE*Lv.59 "The Birds and the Bears"
Diatryma 50 Sea of Clouds FATE boss*Lv.50 "One Turned Over the Cloudkin's Nest"
Fat Dodo 9-14 Western La Noscea Quest*Lv.12 "Need to Breed", standard
Feral Dodo 7-14 Western La Noscea Levequest*Lv.10 "At the Gates", "Fresh Meat", "Jackal and the Livestock", "No Egg to Stand On"
Game Fowl 15 Western La Noscea Quest*Lv.15 "Slave to the Code"
Gastornis 50 Sea of Clouds Standard
Gastornis Gastronome 54-60 Sea of Clouds Levequest*Lv.56 "Don't Eat the Shrooms", "Just Washed", "Needs More Fervor", "Two Birds, One Culling"
Gastornis Tercel 56 Sea of Clouds Quest*Lv.56 "Hatching Ideas"
Gluttonous Gertrude 12 Western La Noscea FATE boss*Lv.12 "Lightning Strikes - Tender Buttons", "Tender Buttons"
Nesting Gastornis 47 Sea of Clouds FATE*Lv.50 "Saved the Nests for Last"
Polis Dodo 60 Aquapolis Standard
Rainbow Bright 60 Diadem Rank IV
Rainbow Gastornis 60 Diadem Rank I
Ruffled Dodo 10 Lower La Noscea FATE*Lv.12 "Don't Drink the Water
Stray Dodo 5-9 Lower La Noscea Levequest*Lv.5 "Red Stead Redemption", "The Cure"
Strutting Gastornis 47 Sea of Clouds FATE*Lv.50 "Food Fight"
Wild Dodo 4-16 Lower La Noscea FATE*Lv.10 "The Killing Fields", Lv.12 "The Last Straw", quest*Lv.16 "Nest We Forget", standard


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Astraea 50 Keeper of the Lake Boss minion*Midgardsormr
Diadem Endymion 60 Diadem Rank III
Einhander 50 Keeper of the Lake Boss
Endymion 57 Sea of Clouds Standard
Hoita 60 Diadem Rank IV
Skygazer 54-60 Sea of Clouds Levequest*Lv.56 "Don't Eat the Shrooms", "Needs More Fervor"


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Ouzelum 70 Fringes B-rank elite mark


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Akhekhu 59 Sea of Clouds FATE boss*Lv.59 "You Eat What You Aren't"
Cloudlarker 60 Void Ark Standard
Griffin 56-59 Sea of Clouds FATE*Lv.59 "You Eat What You Aren't", standard
Kargas 60 Sohr Khai Standard
Opinicus 51 Dusk Vigil Boss
Polis Griffin 60 Aquapolis Standard
Polis Kargas 60 Aquapolis Standard
Senmurv 60 Dravanian Forelands S-rank elite mark
Vochstein 70 Peaks A-rank elite mark


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Chasm Harpeia 60 Xelphatol Standard
Cloudtop Tsanahale 56-60 Sea of Clouds Levequest*Lv.56 "Just Washed", "Two Birds, One Culling"
Harpeia 50 Hullbreaker Isle Standard
Podarge 59 Sea of Clouds FATE boss*Lv.59 "The Sound of Madness"
Sanctuary Tsanahale 60 Sohr Khai Standard
Tsanahale 56-59 Sea of Clouds FATE*Lv.59 "A Dream, Perchance to Eat", standard
Tsanahale Initiator 57 Sea of Clouds Quest*Lv.57 "Growing Pains"


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Alpine Hippocerf 38-42 Coerthas Central Highlands Levequest*Lv.40 "The Tropes of the Trade"
Crossing Hippocerf 50 Battle on the Big Bridge Standard
Deep Palace Hippgryph 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 101-110, 191-200 Standard
Deepgrey Hippocerf 50-56 Dravanian Forelands Levequest*Lv.52 "Feathers Unsullied", "Scavenger Hunt"
Downcast Hippocerf 37-44 Coerthas Central Highlands Levequest*Lv.40 "Got a Gut Feeling About This", "Papal Dispensation", "The Area's a Bit Sketchy", "The Tropes of the Trade", "We Can Dismember It for You Wholesale", "You Dropped Something"
Forelands Hippocerf 50-53 Dravanian Forelands FATE*Lv.53 "Cerf's Up", standard
Gigas Mastiff 32-36 Mor Dhona Levequest*Lv.45 "Who Writes History"
Gwyllgi 46 Mor Dhona FATE boss*Lv.46 "Gone with the Shadow"
Hippocerf 40 Coerthas Central Highlands Standard
Hippogryph 42-46 Mor Dhona FATE*Lv.45 "The Prodigal Son", Lv.46 "Another Day, Another Demon", standard
Hippogryph Pup 42-49 Mor Dhona Levequest*Lv.45 "Science Shindig", "The Awry Salvages", "The Museum is Closed"
Palace Hippocerf 11-60 Palace of the Dead Floors 1-10, Floors 91-100 Standard
Pit Hippocerf 17 Copperbell Mines Standard
Pit Hippogryph 50 Copperbell Mines (Hard) Standard
Ragged Hippogryph 43-48 Mor Dhona Levequest*Lv.45 "A Road Less Taken", "Big, Bad Idea", "One of Our Naturalist's Is Missing"
Recluse Hippogryph 44-50 Amdapor Keep, Dzemael Darkhold Standard
Void Hound 28 Lower La Noscea Guildhest*Lv.30 "Annoy the Void"
Winged Scavenger 46 Northern Thanalan FATE*Lv.49 "Go, Go, Gorgimera"


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Abalathian Hornbill 60 Xelphatol Standard
Guhuo Niao 70 Ruby Sea B-rank elite mark


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Deep Palace Skatene 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 121-130 Standard
Palace Skatene 45 Palace of the Dead Floors 21-30 Standard
Polis Skatene 60 Aquapolis Standard
Skatene 59 Great Gubal Library Standard
Stolas 60 Dravanian Hinterlands A-rank elite mark
Strix 60 Great Gubal Library (Hard) Boss


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Abalathian Kite 57 Sea of Clouds Standard
Abalathian Vulture 53-60 Sohm Al, Sohm Al (Hard) Standard
Albatros 61 Sirensong Sea Standard
Arbor Buzzard 7-13 Central Shroud, Western La Noscea, Western Thanalan FATE*Lv.10 "Lethe on My Mind", quest*Lv.10 "Baiting Buzzards", standard
Bald Buzzard 20-29 East Shroud, Eastern Thanalan, Lower La Noscea Levequest*Lv.20 "A Little Constructive Exorcism", "Don't Touch Our Stuff", Lv.25 "Food for Thought"
Bateleur 37-39 Coerthas Central Highlands Quest*Lv.39 "All By Ourselves", standard
Blind Bateleur 49-53 Coerthas Western Highlands Levequest*Lv.50 "Don't Come Back", "The Second Coming of Yak"
Blood Bateleur 35-44 Coerthas Central Highlands Levequest*Lv.35 "Fishing Off the Company Pier", Lv.40 "Papal Dispensation", "The Bloodhounds of Coerthas", "You Look Good Enough to Eat"
Blood-eyed Buzzard 5-18 Eastern Thanalan, Western Thanalan Levequest*Lv.5 "Procession of the Noble", Lv.10 "From Ruins to Riches", "Out of Body, Out of Mind", Lv.15 "The Law Won"
Blue Buzzard 60 Neverreap Standard
Bronze Buzzard 50 Wanderer's Palace Standard
Canyon Condor 38 Cutter's Cry Standard
Cattle Tyrant 18-30 Lower La Noscea, Western La Noscea Quest*Lv.20 "The Mountain that Strides", Lv.30 "Bringing Down the Mountain"
Chasm Buzzard 25 Eastern Thanalan Standard
Circling Condor 50 Amdapor Keep (Hard) Standard
Circling Vulture 5 Western Thanalan Quest*Lv.5 "The Threat of Intimacy"
Cliffdiver 48 Eastern La Noscea Quest*Lv.50 "How to Quit You"
Coldwind Bateleur 50 Coerthas Western Highlands Quest*Lv.50 "At the End of Our Hope", standard
Condor 27-32 South Shroud Levequest*lv.30 "A Feast in the Forest", "Woodcross Busydeal"
Craven Condor 27-33 Eastern La Noscea, South Shroud Levequest*lv.30 "Birds of a Feather", "Creature Feature", "Out to Sea"
Crossing Bateleur 50 Battle on the Big Bridge Standard
Eastern Buzzard 65 Bardam's Mettle Standard
Fighting Vulture 50 Halatali (Hard) Standard
Gubal Falcon 59 Great Gubal Library Standard
Gyr Abanian Vulture 70 Temple of the Fist Standard
Highland Condor 30-34 Outer La Noscea Quest*Lv.30 "Master of Marksmanship", standard
Hungry Buzzard 16 East Shroud Quest*Lv.17 "An Ill-conceived Venture"
Hunting Falcon 21-27 Central Shroud, South Shroud Quest*Lv.25 "Homecoming", "The One that Got Away"
Lammergeyer 41 Western La Noscea Standard
Midland Condor 27-32 South Shroud Quest*Lv.30 "We'll Always Have Ul'dah", standard
Nesting Buzzard 6 Lower La Noscea, Western Thanalan Standard
Nestless Falcon 51 Dusk Vigil Standard
Northern Bateleur 50 Snowcloak Standard
Northern Buzzard 38-42 Northern Thanalan Levequest*Lv.40 "Someone's in the Doghouse"
Northern Vulture 8-20 Central Shroud FATE*Lv.11 "Carrion Baggage", quest*Lv.12 "Migrant Marauders", "Stand-in Sentry", standard*in East Shroud only
Pecking Condor 11 Middle La Noscea Guildhest*Lv.10 "Basic Training: Enemy Parties"
Restless Harrier 40 Eastern La Noscea Quest*Lv.40 "Curious Gorge Goes to Wineport"
Roc 39 Coerthas Central Highlands FATE boss*Lv.39 "Roc of Ages"
Screamer 50 Pharos Sirius Standard
Silver Falcon 50 Keeper of the Lake Standard
Sohr Khai Buzzard 60 Sohr Khai Standard
Sylphlands Condor 46 East Shroud Standard
Vuokho 50 Outer La Noscea B-rank elite mark


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Yol 65 Bardam's Mettle Boss


 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Anzu 59 Sea of Clouds Standard
Anzu Crone 47 Sea of Clouds FATE*Lv.50 "Anzu Trois"
Ark Anzu 60 Void Ark Standard
Bennu 50 Final Coil of Bahamut - Turn 3 Boss minion*Phoenix
Blackblood Zu 50 Coerthas Western Highlands Quest*Lv.50 "Ancient Wisdom"
Charybterix 60 Diadem Rank ★
Cornu 50 Outer La Noscea A-rank elite mark
Corpsecleaner Eagle 65 Bardam's Mettle Boss minion*Yol
Deep Palace Anzu 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 171-180 Standard
Gyr Abanian Zu 70 Temple of the Fist Standard
Nesting Anzu 60 Sohm Al (Hard) Standard
Palace Anzu 60 Palace of the Dead Floors 71-80 Standard
Polis Anzu 60 Aquapolis Standard
Sohr Khai Anzu 60 Sohr Khai Standard
Steppe Eagle 65 Bardam's Mettle Standard
Thirstful Anzu 56 Sea of Clouds Quest*Lv.56 "No Nests Allowed", "Spring Cleaning"
Xexeu 56-60 Sea of Clouds Levequest wanted target*Lv.56 "Don't Eat the Shrooms", "Just Washed", "Marl-ementary Procedure", "Needs More Fervor", "Nobody Can Farm Marl, but Marl", "Two Birds, One Culling"
Zu 50 Pharos Sirius Boss

Zu HatchlingEdit

 Name Level Area Spawn notes
Anzu Pullet 47 Sea of Clouds FATE*Lv.50 "Anzu Trois"
Polis Cockerel 60 Aquapolis Standard
Polis Pullet 60 Aquapolis Standard
Sohr Khai Cockerel 60 Sohr Khai Standard
Zu Cockerel 50 Pharos Sirius Boss minion*Zu
Zu Pullet 50 Pharos Sirius Boss minion*Zu


"-Kin" is a suffix which denotes close relation to the root word by characteristics and/or ancestry.