On whose shoulders better to stand then those of the would-be gods? Ah, such high hopes I once had but you ran and ran and they with you. Alas, the hour of your return is late! Come, Fframran, revel in the glory of my triumph!
—Dr Cid

Doctor Cid is a storyline boss in Final Fantasy XII. He is fought twice: first in Draklor Laboratory, and again in the Pharos in which he summons Famfrit to aid him.

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Chief of Draklor Laboratory, the top-secret weapons laboratory of the Archadian Empire.
Full name: Cidolfus Demen Bunansa.
Age: 58
Pursues a program for manufacting nethicite, a variety of magicite with the property of absorbing magickal energy. Friend to Vayne. Though their ages are different, they share many of the same ideals and beliefs.


First form

Second form

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Draklor Laboratory Edit

It pains me to inform you that your time here is over. The curtain falls!
—Cidolfus, whilst preparing S-27 Tokamak

Doctor Cid absorbs Dark-elemental attacks, but is vulnerable to Holy. Before fighting Doctor Cid, all of his Rooks must be destroyed first. The Rooks like to buff Doctor Cid, mostly casting Protect, Curaga, Shell, and Regen. However, they only cast Reflect on themselves.

Doctor Cid utilizes guns, which ignore Defense and are unblockable; on top of that, they are accurate. After some time, Doctor Cid will use his cinematic special attack, S-27 Tokamak, which hits around 1,000+ on each character. Doctor Cid also casts Haste from time to time. Eventually, he will erect a Physical Anti-Magick, which negates all physical attacks.


It's best to command all of the party on attacking one Rook at a time, or it can be a long fight. It is advised to beat the Rooks quickly and efficiently using normal attack. After destroying all the Rooks the party should dispel Doctor Cid.

Cid's S-27 Tokamak attack can be avoided by standing behind him. After Cid has erected a Anti-Magick, One can either wait until the Anti-Magick fades after two minutes and continue attacking him, or wait until his Reflect status fades and blast him with offensive magicks.

Pharos at Ridorana Edit

You're not done with me yet!
—Doctor Cid while he performs Gatling Gun

Doctor Cid at Draklor

Doctor Cid is fought immediately after fighting Judge Gabranth. Cid has a new cinematic attack other than S-27 Tokamak, called S-85 Cyclotron. Sometimes Doctor Cid will re-buff himself. After losing about 50% of his HP, a cutscene will follow, and he will summon Famfrit. When Famfrit is fighting alongside him, Doctor Cid is immune to everything.

Doctor Cid will only focus on buffing Famfrit, but he will dish out a few standard attacks at times and he can still use his cinematic special attacks. Cid's Anti-Magick will fall after two minutes, but if Famfrit is still alive, he will quickly make another one. After defeating Famfrit, his Anti-Magick will permanently fade.

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The party should dispel Doctor Cid and start attacking him. The party is likely to gain the upper hand since Reddas is fighting alongside. Both of Cid's cinematic attacks can be avoided by going behind whatever direction he is facing. After Cid summons Famfrit the party must focus on attacking the Esper.

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