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Djose ['dʒo.zeɪ] is a region of the main continent of Spira in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. It is primarily a highroad running between the area of Mushroom Rock Road and the Moonflow. At the junction before entering the Moonflow road, a short path leads the way to Djose Temple the only notable feature in the area.

The Djose Highroad is a short, but important leg of Yuna's pilgrimage completed by the visit and rest at the temple. Numerous gifts can be received by the people wandering the highroad in the aftermath of Operation Mi'ihen. The area is home to the Basilisk, a formidable foe in the early stages of the game.

The temple is situated at the end of the highroad and is powered by the lightning element. Its architecture resembles the summon Alexander from previous Final Fantasy games. It is surrounded and protected by Lightning Mushroom Rock, rocks which usually cover the temple and hover if there is a summoner praying to the fayth. As the rocks are held in place by electricity, they appear to be magnetic.

The temple's fayth is a man, plainly dressed, possibly a resident of the area from times past.

The road remains largely unchanged in Final Fantasy X-2, the only key difference is the number of Youth League members and Leblanc Syndicate goons that can be encountered. The road can now be quickly traversed by use of a hovercraft stationed at the northern junction.

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