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Distant Worlds II: More Music from Final Fantasy is a live recording of an orchestral concert, performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Arnie Roth at the Stockholm Concert Hall in Stockholm, Sweden, in late January 2010. The album is a sequel to Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy, recorded following the success of the concert tour.

The album features some tracks that were included due to popular opinion, such as "Dancing Mad" and "J-E-N-O-V-A". It features the return of Susan Calloway as soloist, who performs the songs "Melodies of Life" and "Suteki da ne".

Track listEdit

  1. "Prelude" (Final Fantasy Series)
  2. "The Man with the Machine Gun" (Final Fantasy VIII)
  3. "Ronfaure" (Final Fantasy XI)
  4. "A Place to Call Home - Melodies of Life" (Final Fantasy IX)
  5. "Zanarkand" (Final Fantasy X)
  6. "Dancing Mad" (Final Fantasy VI)
  7. "Victory Theme" (Final Fantasy Series)
  8. "Suteki da ne" (Final Fantasy X)
  9. "Terra's Theme" (Final Fantasy VI)
  10. "Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII" (Final Fantasy VII)
  11. "Prima Vista Orchestra" (Final Fantasy IX)
  12. "Dear Friends" (Final Fantasy V)
  13. "JENOVA" (Final Fantasy VII)

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