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Distant Glory is the name of the two extra story modes from Dissidia Final Fantasy. For the characters Shantotto and Gabranth to be available on PP Catalog plus the final story mode, Inward Chaos, finishing these story modes is required. Both characters cost 1,000 PP each. In both of the Distant Glories, there are chests containing special items for the gil shop, that allow characters to equip items that they originally could not. These are the "knowledge/lore" accessories.

Unlike Destiny Odyssey and Shade Impulse, the player can use the warriors of Chaos in these story modes.


The Lady of LegendEdit

This is the Story Mode that introduces Shantotto to the player. The player is forced to do chores for her so that she might give the player a clue on how to get out of the area in which they are trapped, where scholars gather from all over the world and study for the pursuit of knowledge. Finishing this Story Mode unlocks Shantotto in the PP Catalog. Available once Shade Impulse is finished and at least five Destiny Odysseys completed.

Redemption of the WarriorEdit

This is the Story Mode that introduces Gabranth to the player. The player is trapped in an area where fallen warriors battle in shame. Gabranth tests the player's resolve to continue onward. Finishing this Story Mode unlocks Gabranth in the PP Catalog. Available after finishing every Destiny Odyssey and Shade Impulse.


  • It is possible to have Gabranth or Shantotto talk to their selves at the start and end of the Distant Glories by selecting Gabranth as your character in Distant Glory\Redemption of the Warrior and by selection Shantotto as your character in Distant Glory\The Lady of Legend.

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