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Fft dispelna

Dispelna in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Magick that cures status effects with sacred light.
"Lethal light, return to your dark world... Deathspell2!"
—Quote upon activation

Dispelna (デスペナ, Desupena?, lit. Dispena), also known as Deathspell 2, is an ability exclusive to the guest-only Job classes Cleric and Princess as part of the Holy Magick skillset. Despite its name, this spell has exactly the opposite effect to Dispel in the series. It can remove more statuses than Esuna, including Stone, Confusion, Silence, Vampire, Toad, Poison, Stop, Sleep, Immobilize, and Disable from one target at the cost of 20 MP. It has a range of 4 and speed of 25.

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