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FFXII Disable

Disable in Final Fantasy XII.

A spellblade technique that curtails the body's freedom, preventing the target from taking action.

Disable (ドンアク, Don Aku?, lit. Don't Act), also called Don't Act, is a recurring ability that usually inflicts the Disable status effect. While there are many abilities available to enemy and ally alike that inflict the status, the Disable spell itself is normally a part of a specific class of magic.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII Disable's License is Time Magick 2. In the International Zodiac Job System version, Disable is available for the Red Battlemage and Time Battlemage Job classes.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit


FFXIV Disable Icon

Disable appears as an Astrologian ability available at level 38. The ability reduces the potency of the target's next action by 5% for a period of 10 seconds. The ability has an instant cast time and has a cooldown time of 60 seconds.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit


"No more wishful thinking, no more acts! Don't Act!"
—Dummied quote

Disable, originally called Don't Act, is part of the Templar's Spellblade action ability, costing 14 MP to cast with a range of 4. It requires 50 JP to master. It inflicts Disable to one target.

Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit


Shoot a magical missile that has a chance of disabling an enemy, preventing it from taking any action outside of movement.
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