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Diremite is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

The Diremite is a huge, eight-legged tick with a taste for two-legged prey. It closes in without a sound, pinning creatures with its long legs or trussing them up in sticky threads before settling down to feast upon their blood. Even escaping a Diremite's clutches does not guarantee safety from harm. If the mite managed to secrete an egg into a victim, the larva that hatches will eventually take control of the unfortunate person's brain.

These rare creatures carry a few rare items unique to the family which can be of value to adventurers, namely Avatar Blood, Bloodthread, and Gray Chips. Often of considerable value, these items alone often make the Diremite a sought after creature to kill.

Special AttacksEdit

  • Double Claw: Single target damage.
  • Filamented Hold: Cone Attack Slow.
  • Grapple: Single target damage.
  • Spinning Top: AoE damage.


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