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Bravely Default Dimension's Hasp

Dimension's Hasp.

Dimension's Hasp (封印の次元回廊, Fuuin no Jigen Kairō?) is an optional dungeon in Bravely Default. It is located in the Kustra Archipelago in the northeast sea. Monsters encountered are significantly stronger than they were in their respective dungeons. In this dungeon, the party is unable to run away from battle, even when using Flee or Teleport, the latter of which can't even be used to exit the dungeon.

D's JournalEdit

Dimension's Hasp

The dungeon in which Sage Yulyana sealed away the forbidden weapons and armor he took from the Orthodoxy.


After leaving the Crystal Orthodoxy, the Sage Yulyana took a number of powerful weapons and armor he had seized from them, and sealed them in a series of pocket dimensions.

During the ending chapter "Finale", when Airy attacks the Warriors of Light upon their attempts to shatter a crystal, they speak to Lord DeRosso, who removes the seal on Dimension's Hasp so that the group could access the dungeon to obtain the weapons. During the ending chapter "The End", when the threat of Ouroboros draws near, the Sage instead removes the seal on Dimension's Hasp himself.



Uniquely, each floor of Dimension's Hasp has different architecture, and entirely different enemy line-ups. The Adventurer (and appropriately, a chance to purchase items and save the game) is not accessible at any point besides the entrance. However, the Adventurer can be found in a hidden passage on the 10th floor and battled as an optional superboss. The passage is located behind the blue treasure chest, in the right wall.

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