Diepvern (バクライリュウ, Bakurairyū?, lit. Depth Charge Dragon) is an enemy family in Final Fantasy Type-0. It contains three variants and two enemies.

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Kingdom Central Command only deploys these high-ranking dragons with a mere handful of units because of their inability to fly. However, the diepverns compensate for their lack of mobility by controlling the climate in order to put opponents in a disadvantageous position. As the diepvern weakens, it will begin summoning downpours and blizzards. Angering the diepvern will also cause it to initiate a heat wave, so combatants are advised to engage this wyvern only if they are prepared for all types of inclement weather.

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  • Confusingly, while two variants of the Diepvern enemy are members of the Diepvern family, the third variant is a member of the Brontovern family.