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For the equipment see Diamond equipment.

Diamond Weapon is a boss in Final Fantasy VII. It is one of the Planet's many Weapons, released in response to Sephiroth summoning Meteor. The party fights it as it approaches Midgar towards the end of the game. Its attacks include a foot stomp, a blast of magical energy, and its Diamond Flash, a Gravity-based attack with a three-turn countdown that also inflicts Silence.

Once the party reduces Diamond Weapon's HP to zero, it is still approaching Midgar. Once within range, it opens fire on the Shinra Headquarters, nearly killing Rufus. Shinra fires the Sister Ray, which pierces Diamond Weapon and destroys the barrier Sephiroth erected over the North Crater.

Defeating Diamond Weapon in the PC version re-release unlocks the Diamond Weapon achievement. Doing so in the PlayStation 4 version earns Diamond Disintegrator trophy.

The Diamond Weapon glitch lets the player avoid fighting Diamond Weapon, but it will ruin the player's save file. If the player enters the menu and saves their game exactly when the battle against Diamond Weapon is going to start, and then loads their game normally, the Diamond Weapon has vanished. This leaves the player unable to finish the game as the barrier over the crater is still intact, and the scene where the party is prompted to parachute into Midgar never triggers.


# Formation
980 Diamond Weapon
981 Diamond Weapon


Midgar Area
Midgar Wasteland #980 (fixed)


Diamond Weapon's laser ray deals 700+ damage to one target. Its foot stomp deals 1000+ damage, and it will use on the party member with the highest current HP.

Diamond Weapon is immune to physical attacks until it opens up its armor if hit with a certain number of summons or Limit Breaks. At this point it will use Countdown. Unless killed in three rounds, it will use the Diamond Flash to hit all party members for 7/8 of their current HP, and inflict the Silence status, reverting its immunity to physical attacks. During the countdown it is immune to magical attacks and only uses its laser ray. After having used Diamond Flash the first time, the party will need to use three Limit Breaks, not two, to trigger the countdown again. Diamond Weapon never starts the countdown if no summons or Limit Breaks are used.

The party can steal the Rising Sun for Yuffie; this is the only way to get it.

When Diamond Weapon is defeated, it does not turn red and phase out like most enemies; the camera simply zooms in on its head and cuts to the Battle Results screen. This is because the party doesn't actually slay the Weapon, rather they only hold it off until the Sister Ray destroys it.


Diamond Weapon in Battle

Diamond Weapon in battle.

Good spells to use outside of the countdown phase are Bolt3, Trine, and Ultima. After being hit by two or three Limit Breaks, the Weapon may open up its armor allowing the party to use physical attacks. It then starts a countdown from 3, during which it is immune to magical attacks.

Diamond Flash can be annoying, as the player needs magic to continue attacking. Thus, it is advised to not use Limit Breaks; or, alternatively, bring immunity to Silence. Since Diamond Flash charges Limit Breaks, the party can simply use three Limit Breaks in quick succession to restart the countdown; if the party members have Fire-elemental armor or the Elemental-Fire/Ifrit Materia combo in their armor, this makes it impossible to get a Game Over.

AI scriptEdit

AI: Main {

If (Count == 0) Then
Choose Random Opponent
Use <Diamond Fire> on Target
If (2/3 Chance) Then
Count = 1
} Else If (Count == 1) Then {
Choose Random Opponent with highest HP
Use <Foot Stamp> on Target
If (3/4 Chance) Then
Count = 0
} Else If (Count == 2) Then {
Print Message [Countdown]
Choose Self
Use <> on Target
Diamond Weapon's IdleAnim = Countdown Stance
Diamond Weapon's HurtAnim = Flinch (Countdown Stance)
Stage = 1
Choose Random Opponent
Use <Diamond Fire> on Target
Count = Count + 1
Print Message [3]
} Else If (Count == 3) Then {
Choose Random Opponent
Use <Diamond Fire> on Target
Count = Count + 1
Print Message [2]
} Else If (Count == 4) Then {
Choose Random Opponent
Use <Diamond Fire> on Target
Count = Count + 1
Print Message [1]
} Else {
Print Message [0]
Choose All Opponents
Use Diamond Flash on Target
Choose Self
Use <> on Target
Count = 0
Stage = 0
TempVar:L/SLimit = 0
Diamond Weapon's IdleAnim = Normal Stance
Diamond Weapon's HurtAnim = Flinch (Normal Stance)

} AI: Counter - Death {

If (Stage != 0)
Diamond Weapon's IdleAnim = Normal Stance
Choose Self
Use <> on Target
Diamond Weapon's IdleAnim = 20 (???)
Choose Self
Use <(Report)> on Target
RunCmd 0x22/0x0F

} AI: Counter - PreTurn {

TempVar:FlashLimit = 1
If (Diamond Weapon's HP <= 50% of Diamond Weapon's Max HP) Then
TempVar:FlashLimit = 2
Diamond Weapon's Physical Immunity = On
If ((Command is Summon or W-Summon or Limit) OR (Stage == 1)) Then
Diamond Weapon's Physical Immunity = Off
TempVar:L/SCount = TempVar:L/SCount + 1
If ((TempVar:L/SCount > TempVar:FlashLimit) & (Stage == 0)) Then
Count = 2


Other appearancesEdit

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XVEdit

Diamond Weapon appears as one of the monsters terrorizing Lucis. Unlike the Final Fantasy VII counterpart, Diamond Weapon isn't referred to as such, as is referred to as a daemon, like many other monsters in the Final Fantasy XV universe and there were more than one Diamond Weapon. During the invasion of Insomnia, Niflheim deployed multiple the Diamond Weapons against the Old Wall statues, causing further chaos within the Crown City.

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Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

Theatrhythm CC Diamond WEAPON
This great beast of legend is one of five Weapons born of the Planet to protect it when Sephiroth calls on Meteor's power. But which will be destroyed first: the Weapon, Meteor, or the world itself?
—Diamond Weapon's CollectaCard

Diamond Weapon appears as an enemy.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB Diamond Weapon

Diamond Weapon appears in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade as an enemy during an event called "Shattered World". Its attack is Midgarbreak in a reference to its attack on Midgar.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Diamond Weapon FFVII
Baknamy FFTA2This article or section is a stub about an enemy in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by expanding it.


Diamond Weapon appears as figurines in the Final Fantasy Creatures Vol 3 series that came out in 2003. The Final Fantasy Creatures collection figurines require minimal assembly and there are three types of every character: full-color, crystal, and chrome. In North America the Final Fantasy Creatures figurines did not require assembly and had a completely different package with multiple creatures per pack.



In mineralogy, diamond is a metastable allotrope of carbon, where the carbon atoms are arranged in a variation of the face-centered cubic crystal structure called a diamond lattice. Diamond is the birthstone for April.


  • Diamond Weapon was not a battle in the game's original Japanese version and only appeared in the FMVs. Yuffie's Rising Sun weapon existed in the game data, but there was no way to obtain it.
  • Upon closer inspection of the FMV where Diamond Weapon is blasted, it appears to be heading away from Midgar before launching an attack on it.
  • In the scenes where Diamond Weapon attacks Midgar it is shown to be dusk, but when the energy blasts destroy Shinra Headquarters, it is shown to be nighttime.

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