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Diabolos is an esper in the Advance and subsequent releases of Final Fantasy VI who can be acquired as a magicite.


Diabolos is a humanoid, devillish creature. His skin is mostly black and red, with large red wings and a long, black tail.

Diabolos' appearance is similar to his appearance in Final Fantasy VIII, which was the first appearance of Diabolos.


Diabolos is obtained by defeating the Kaiser Dragon in the Dragons' Den.

Due to a bypass event glitch, it is possible to obtain the Diabolos magicite without fighting the Kaiser Dragon.


Diabolos costs 100 MP to summon and casts Dark Messenger. It deals non-elemental fractional damage reducing opponents' HP to 1/16, ignoring protection to Death, and also inflicts Sap


Diabolos is equippable as a magicite and teaches the following spells:

At level up, Diabolos provides a +100% boost to HP.