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Diablos FFVIII Art
See Diablos' summon sequences here.

Diabolos (ディアボロス, Diaborosu?), also known as Diablos, is a recurring creature in the series that has most often appeared as a summoned monster. He first appeared in Final Fantasy VIII and his trademark ability is Dark Messenger, which usually deals fractional damage based on the target's HP. Even though his nature and backstory change, Diabolos's appearance throughout the series is consistent.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Diabolos-ffvi-gba Diabolos - FF6 iOS

Diabolos appears in the Game Boy Advance and mobile versions. He is obtained by defeating the Kaiser Dragon in the Dragons' Den.

Dark Messenger deals non-elemental fractional damage reducing opponents' HP to 1/16, ignoring protection to Death, and also inflicts Sap. He costs 100 MP to summon.

Diabolos teaches the following:

At level up, Diabolos provides a +100% boost to HP.

Due to a glitch, it is possible to obtain the Diabolos magicite without fighting the Kaiser Dragon.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit


Diablos first appeared as an optional boss who becomes a Guardian Force upon defeat. He can be obtained when the party receives the Magical Lamp from Headmaster Cid. Upon using the lamp in the menu the screen will dissolve and the player will fight Diablos. Should the player lose, the game ends in a Game Over. Diablos will become stronger as the party does; thus, it is advisable to defeat him just after receiving the lamp. Obtaining Diablos in the Steam version earns the player the achievement Diablos.

Diablos's summon attack is called Dark Messenger and it deals damage in relation to the enemies' maximum HP count via a percentage equal to Diablos's level range {e.g. 10-19, 30-39} (with a set damage limit at 9,999).

Damage = TargetMaxHP * Level / 100

Diablos can kill the opponent, in contrast with other gravity-based attacks, meaning, at level 100, he will kill any foe with less than 9,999 Max HP. If Diablos is below level 10, his attack will deal 9% of enemies' maximum health in damage. Diablos won't work on most bosses, as most bosses are immune to gravity. Because Diablos's damage is calculated differently from all other Guardian Forces he cannot be boosted, and though he can learn SumMag+% abilities via items, they have no effect on his attack power.

Compatibility Chart
Summon Effect Diablos +20, Every other GF -1.6
Compatibility Items Steel Orb +3.2, LuvLuvG +20.2
Casting Magic Demi +2, Apocalypse +0.2, Flare +0.2, Meteor +0.2, Ultima +0.2, Esuna -0.2, Protect -0.2, Dispel -0.4, Shell -0.4, Reflect -0.6


The following table represents the base stats:

Level HP Attack Power
9 730 9% of targets' max HP.
10 784 10% of targets' max HP.
20 1,326 20% of targets' max HP.
30 1,876 30% of targets' max HP.
40 2,434 40% of targets' max HP.
50 3,000 50% of targets' max HP.
60 3,574 60% of targets' max HP.
70 4,156 70% of targets' max HP.
80 4,746 80% of targets' max HP.
90 5,334 90% of targets' max HP.
100 5,950 100% of target's max HP.


Abilities learned naturally by Diablos are listed below:

Ability AP Prerequisite Ability AP Prerequisite
FFVIII Junction ability icon HP-J 50 None FFVIII Character ability icon HP+80% 240 HP+40%
FFVIII Junction ability icon Mag-J (Already learned) FFVIII Character ability icon Mag+20% 60 None
FFVIII Junction ability icon Hit-J 120 None FFVIII Character ability icon Mag+40% 120 Mag+20%
FFVIII Junction ability icon Ability x3 (Already learned) FFVIII Character ability icon Mug 200 None
FFVIII Command ability icon Magic (Already learned) FFVIII Party ability icon Enc-Half 30 None
FFVIII Command ability icon GF (Already learned) FFVIII Party ability icon Enc-None 100 Enc-Half
FFVIII Command ability icon Draw (Already learned) FFVIII GF ability icon GF HP+10% 40 None
FFVIII Command ability icon Item (Already learned) FFVIII GF ability icon GF HP+20% 70 GF HP+10%
FFVIII Command ability icon Darkside 100 None FFVIII GF ability icon GF HP+30% 140 GF HP+20%
FFVIII Character ability icon HP+20% 60 HP-J FFVIII Menu ability icon Time Mag-RF 30 None
FFVIII Character ability icon HP+40% 120 HP+20% FFVIII Menu ability icon ST Mag-RF 30 None

Diablos's ST Mag-RF skill is an integral part of the more casual of low level Challenges, as it is the earliest possible source of the Break magic that allows GFs to gain AP while keeping characters low level.

Triple TriadEdit

Diablos Card
TTDiablos Element None
Refine 1 refines into 100 Black Holes
Drop Diablos
Card N/A
Level 9 (GF Card) Win N/A

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Diabolos (FFXI)

Diabolos appears as one of the five terrestrial Avatars, alongside Carbuncle, Fenrir, Phoenix, and Bahamut. He is the ruler and creator of the dreamworld known as Dynamis, and appears as a character and boss in the Chains of Promathia storyline.

Players who have defeated Diabolos as part of the storyline can optionally face a far more powerful version of him in the quest "Waking Dreams" to forge a pact with Diabolos, gaining the ability to summon him. As a summon associated with dreams and sleep, many of Diabolos's moves are magic-based and some of them gain bonuses from being used when it is nighttime or when the enemy is asleep.

Diabolos also names a server in this game.

Blood Pact abilitiesEdit

Name Level Pact Type MP Effect
Ruinous Omen 1 Rage All Deals damage equal to a random percentage of HP to enemies within area of effect. Only available during Astral Flow.
Camisado 1 Rage 20 Deals minor physical blunt damage and knocks back the target.
Somnolence 20 Ward 30 Deals minor dark magic damage and weighs the target down.
Nightmare 29 Ward 42 Gradually deals dark damage, weakens attacks, and inflicts sleep on enemies within area of effect. This special sleep status prevents gradual damage from waking the afflicted targets.
Ultimate Terror 37 Ward 27 Decreases attributes of enemies within Area of Effect.
Noctoshield 49 Ward 92 Gives all Party members in area of effect the effect of Phalanx.
Diabolos's Favor 55 Avatar's Favor 0 Causes MP to Refresh for all party members near Diabolos, but weakens Diabolos's offensive power.
Dream Shroud 56 Ward 121 Enhances magic attack and magic defense for party members within area of effect.
Nether Blast 65 Rage 109 Delivers a ranged magical attack dealing moderate dark damage. Damage is fairly consistent, ignoring many defensive stats.
Night Terror 80 Rage 177 Deals powerful dark magic damage to a target. Damage receives a significant bonus when used on a sleeping target.
Pavor Nocturnus 98 Ward 246 Inflicts Instant Death on the target. Target will be Dispelled if Death fails. Chance to inflict Death increases if target was already slept with Nightmare.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII diablos render

Diabolos is a Mark and an otherworldly demonic gargoyle with a spear and fiery wings. It is fought at the Lhusu Mines.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Diabolos RW
Demon who bends gravity to his will.
—In-Game Description

Diabolos appears as a rank 2 Non-Elemental Flying summon. His regular attack is called Nightmare, while his special attack, Gravity, causes the Sap status.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Fal'Cie Diabolos FFXIII Concept Art

Concept art.

Concept art for a Diabolos fal'Cie exists, but it never appears in the game. Many different forms and styles were considered from an organic-looking creature to a mechanical one.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

To face me is to face thy deepest, darkest nightmares!

Diabolos appears as the final boss in the level 50 dungeon, Lost City of Amdapor. He uses both gravity magic and the skills of the Final Fantasy XI incarnation. To evade his Ruinous Omen attack, the party must memorize and open the correct door to the void which will protect the party while traveling through it.

Though defeated, Diabolos managed to escape the lost city. He later appears in Heavensward as the one responsible for awakening the voidsent trapped in the Void Ark, and carried off the coffin containing the Shadow Queen Scathach into a voidgate.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit


Diabolos is a Vermilion Bird Eidolon. He is obtained by completing the Chapter 7 Expert Trial "Operation Dragon Slayer". His attacks are drain-based as his movement involves him dispersing into a cloud of bats and striking anything that he passes through while healing him. One of Diabolos's attacks is a combo ending with him dispersing into a mass of bats which regenerate his health upon hitting Dark Strike.

His signature technique is Gravitation Ball (Graviton in his Astaroth variation) where Diabolos drains the health of anything within the area into a large sphere which, upon release, drifts towards its target and explodes on contact. He comes in three variations; Diabolos, Baalberith and Astaroth.

Bravely DefaultEdit

Diabolos is a demonkind enemy that appears in the Dark Aurora.

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Bravely Archive: D's ReportEdit

BADR Diabolos
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Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

FFD Diabolos
Pitiful creature, why dost thou call my name? I am both darkness eternal and the deep sin of the light.

Diabolos is gained during Chapter 4: The Darkness section, when the Warriors of Darkness traverse the Lufenian Ruins where they find a dark orb floating in the Demon Corridor.

After touching the orb, Diabolos engages the party in battle. Upon defeat, Diabolos allows the Warriors of Darkness to summon him, costing 64 MP to summon. Diabolos's attack Dark Messenger hits all enemies and deals Darkness-element damage.

Diabolos and the Monk ability Vacuum Wave are the necessary components to unlock the Dark Judgement Fusion Ability. Dark Judgement removes 1/4 of all enemies' HP, reducing them to 3/4 of their current HP.

Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no SuishōEdit

FFLToS Diabolos
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Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Diabolos R Brigade
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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Diabolos appears and is represented by a card of the aqua element portraying his appearance in Final Fantasy Type-0. Another card depicts Diabolos from Final Fantasy XI with a dark-elemental card, and a wind-elemental card for Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

Triple TriadEdit

Diabolos from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius appears on Triple Triad cards in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Lord of VermilionEdit

LoV Diablos
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Crystal ConquestEdit

Crystal Conquest Diabolos


Diabolos is one of three summons in this Japan-only, free-to-play browser game. Its ability deals massive damage to other characters.

Monster Hunter 4 UltimateEdit

MH4U Collab Diabolos Rage Armor

As part of a Collaboration between Capcom and Square Enix, Tetsuya Nomura was asked to design various new Armor types for the playable characters, and their feline companions.

For Male Hunters Nomura created the Rage Armor set, which is based off of Diabolos.

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Diabolos is the Greek word for "devil". It has entered many languages to mean devil, such as Diabolus (Latin), Diavolo (Italian), Diablo (Spanish), Diable (French), and Diabo (Portuguese). Diabolos actually means "accuser" or "slanderer" and could also be connected to the Greek word diabolous, which means "divider" (which fits given his affinity with gravity element), but eventually the general word Diabolos became the specific name of the entity. In the original Greek rendering, it was used to refer to the Christian Devil (The New Testament was written in Greek). Devil is the English translation of Diabolos and in Christian belief, this being is the embodiment of evil.

The concept of the Devil is believed to originate in Zoroastrianism with Angra Mainyu (also known as Ahriman) as well as from the Judaic Satan in the Book of Job in the Old Testament. However, their Satan was merely the "devil's advocate", an angel who acted as a skeptic and whom God allowed to afflict Job with suffering. Satan is Hebrew for "prosecutor/accuser" or "adversary".

The concept of the summon Diabolos may be connected to the Jinn in Islamic mythology, similar to Ifrit. The djinn were the origins of genie myths and were spirits or ghosts made of fire or smoke. They were said to grant wishes.

Diablos emerging from a magic lamp in Final Fantasy VIII may be a reference to the djinn.

The French localization of Final Fantasy VIII renamed Diabolos to "Nosferatu", a Romanian term meaning "Unclean One" that is sometimes synonymous with the Devil or vampires. In the Spanish localization it is called Diablo.


  • The recurring summon from Ivalice, Adrammelech, resembles Diabolos, even having a promotional image with a similar pose to Diabolos's Final Fantasy VIII appearance.
  • Some concept art of Diabolos (Top right; central second row; central bottom) in Final Fantasy XIII look like the design has been subsequently modified to create the creatures Faeryl and Aeronite in the sequels.

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