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Job abilityEdit

  • Calls forth your automaton in an unsound state.
  • Obtained: Puppetmaster Level 5
  • Recast Time: 1:00


  • Automaton is summoned with HP and MP (if applicable) equal to 1/3 of the Puppetmaster's level (rounded to the nearest whole %), rounding down the HP/MP. Essentially: HP/MP restored = floor(ceiling((Player's Level/3))/100).
  • If Puppetmaster is subbed, the HP/MP of the automaton will reflect its subbed (reduced) level, not the level of your main job.
  • Restoring the automaton's HP to full then using Deactivate will reset Activate to ready like normal.
  • Upon activating the automaton its recast timers will be at the maximum time.
  • This ability does not share a recast timer with the job ability Activate.


Deus ex automata is Latin for "god out of the automaton".

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