The Detonator is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2.

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When not in Oversoul, they function nearly the same as the other Bomb-type enemies, but in Oversoul, they become much more difficult to defeat due to having access to Firaga and Quadruple Attack. They also have the powerful fire-elemental Crackaboom! and Kaboom! attacks.

Strategy Edit

Water-elemental spells work best, along with an accessory that gives Waterstrike.

In Oversoul it is best to try and take them out in one blow, though having fire-resistant equipment will nullify damage done from Crackaboom! and Kaboom!.

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Fiend Tale Edit

In the Fiend Tale endings, a notable Detonator wanted above all else to help people. Shinra shot many his ideas due to his self-destruct before setting him free to be a simple paperweight. Seeing Isaaru in trouble with a woman, Detonator uses self-destruct to save Isaaru and departs to the Farplane soon after as a result.

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