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Desperado in Final Fantasy VIII
The greatest attack ever!
—Laguna when EX Burst gains Perfect outcome in Dissidia 012.

Desperado (デスペラード, Desuperādo?), also known as Cold Blood, is a recurring ability in Final Fantasy series usually associated with gunners.

List of AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Desperado is Laguna Loire's Limit Break. He first pulls out a hand-grenade, pulls the pin and tosses it into the middle of his opponents, then shoots a grappling hook above and, as he swings from side to side on his grapple, fires multiple rounds with his machine gun down upon his enemies. He jumps off the rope and lands with his back towards the foes as the grenade explodes, dealing massive damage to all enemies. It has a base attack power of 140.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Desperado is an enemy ability of Mortibody, which deals moderate non-elemental damage to the party as well as removes NulAll, Shell, Protect, Reflect, Haste, and Regen. It is the only time in the series when it is not a Limit Break.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Wish on these fireworks!
—Sazh upon Cold Blood execution.

Desperado is Sazh Katzroy's Full ATB Skill in Ravager role in the game's Japanese release, while western localizations name it Cold Blood. Sazh shoots several bullets into a target, raising its Stagger point.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Cold Blood reappears in the sequel as the Feral Link ability for Sazh who joins the party after completing the "Sazh: Heads or Tails?" downloadable scenario. True to its appearance, it boosts chain gauges of the enemy, but the boost depends on the current situation.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit


Desperado is Laguna's EX Burst. He blasts his opponent with a rocket launcher, then throws a grenade at them and leaps into the air swinging on a rope while attacking with his machine gun. The player must hold R and keep the crosshair centered on the opponent, landing hits as a damage meter fills up. Filling the meter will have Laguna end the EX Burst with Ultimate Ragnarok Cannon, where he calls all his weapons together to concentrate energy and fire a large laser blast at the opponent, the earlier grenade exploding to deal HP damage.

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

One of Sazh's cards can use Cold Blood for the discard of a Sazh card, dulling Sazh, and paying eight Light CP. The ability allows the player to choose up to three Forwards and deal them 17,000 total damage in increments of 1,000, the player dividing up the damage however they choose.



Desperado is a bold or desperate outlaw, especially of the American frontier.

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