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FFD Desert Moon members

Desert Moon members

An underground resistance of sorts. Hiding in the shadows of the dunes, fighting against the Empire

Desert Moon is an organization in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's a resistance group that fights against the Avalon Empire. Matoya leads the Desert Moon with Azhar as her right-hand man.


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The Warriors of Darkness come to Kaklim Desert to seek for the help of Desert Moon to fight against the Avalon Empire. After gaining the trust from people in the Gardenia Slums, they are allowed to speak to Azhar under Desert Moon Hideout. He sends them to meet the leader, Matoya, with the secret password Desert Rose. She in turn tells them to go and assault the Imperial Forward Camp.
FFD Desert Moon deceased

Deceased members of the Desert Moon

Meanwhile, the bar owner in Gardenia, who had over-heard the secret password, betrays them and leads imperial soldiers to eradicate the Desert Moon. Nearly all members of the group are killed. Matoya and the Warriors of Darkness get to their secret hideout and defeat the Owner as well as the remaining imperial soldiers. Matoya listens to Azhar's last words and the warriors persuade Matoya to let them help her take revenge on Avalon Empire.

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