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Peace? Harmony? Order? I deny your world, and everything in it!
—Denys Geneolgia

Denys Geneolgia (デニー ゼネオルシア, Denī Zeneorushia?) (pronounced "Denny") is a non-player character and major antagonist who appears in Bravely Second: End Layer. He spreads war throughout the world with his vast military forces as the masked man Kaiser Oblivion (皇帝オブリビオン, Kōtei Oburibion?). [1] He is accompanied by his cryst-fairy companion, Anne, while he watches the world's events unfold from his floating castle, the Skyhold. [2] He carries the Kaiser asterisk, and is the older brother of Yew Geneolgia.



Denys is a young man with short silver-tan hair, beard and blue eyes. He wears a long black coat with gold accents and a white dress shirt with a white cravat. He wears black suspenders and thigh-high black boots. He also has a black prosthetic right arm. He wears a black mask over his eyes and nose partially obscuring his face.


Denys is an individual with a strong sense of right, training himself extensively in order to live up to the Geneolgia name. However, he became disappointed with his family name after learning of the many atrocities committed. This drives him, by a sense of responsibility and guilt, to correct all the wrongdoings of the past. Strongly believing that he can construct a better world, he has little concern for the many crimes he commits in order to achieve his goals.

Although a serious person, Denys is also charismatic, noble, and kind, as he was able to coerce many different people that were wronged by the Crystalguard and/or the Orthodoxy, or people from these very organizations into following him and his ideals. He greatly values his men as instead of killing them for failing, he'd encourage them to become stronger and fight again.

Denys, while merciless, still holds deep affection for his younger brother, and never seemed to hold a grudge against him for causing the amputation of his right arm. Eventually placing his trust in Yew, he sacrifices himself for his sake. Denys also seems to be fairly observant, as despite the brief amount of time together, he was able to discern the feelings that Yew harbored for Magnolia and encouraged Yew to face those feelings.


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Years prior, Denys was originally to become the patriarch of Geneologia. Though a member of house Geneolgia, Denys believes that his bloodline is the reason why the Crystal Orthodoxy became a corrupt organization. This drives a wedge between him and his father Griede who named his younger half-brother Yew his heir because he is a pure-blooded Geneologia. But Denys is offered a chance to win his birthright if he found the Sword of the Brave, Yew having overheard, decided to get the weapon for his brother. Upon learning his brother's intentions, Denys arrived too late to stop Yew from finding the sword and making a pact with it by offering something he holds dear. Yew learns too late that the payment is Denys's right arm before the sword departs as their contract is complete. Soon after, completely disowned and after visiting his mother in the family crypt, Denys left for parts unknown.

By chance, Denys meets Geist Grace and his son Revenant as the three are later joined by Bella and Cú Chulainn as they establish the Glanz Empire and spend the years recruiting those as disillusioned with the current world as themselves. It was sometime after Agnès Oblige and her companions defeated Ouroboros that Denys is visited by Anne who reveals the existence of the Compass of Space and Time to him. This forms Denys's goal to use the compass to travel back in time to assassinate his ancestor Foundar Geneolgia to remove his bloodline from history. After assuming the name of Kaiser Oblivion, Denys arrives at the peace treaty signing between the Crystal Orthodoxy and the Duchy of Eternia, successfully kidnapping the Pope, Agnès Oblige. Eventually, having Revenant Grace possess Agnès to awaken the crystals, Denys succeeds in opening the Holy Pillar and uses the compass to travel back in time. However, what Denys did not realize was that Anne sabotaged the compass to send him and Agnès into the distant future of the world she created.

But Yew and companions manage to use the SP Hourglass to travel back in time to stop the kaiser from abducting Agnès, unmasking Denys as a result with the Crystalguard taking him into custody. However, Denys is then freed shortly after by Janne and Nikolai and returns to the Skyhold. There, though hazy of being betrayed by Anne, Denys retained all memories of his past timeline and begins to question his resolve. Eventually, after being spared and forgiven alongside his followers, Denys sees the error of his ways and joins Yew and friends to confront Anne. Denys uses his sword to destroy Anne's brooch so she cannot use it to remove the moon, and then uses the Compass to send the Ba'al Diamante to "a future so far ahead it will never come" at cost of being trapped with it.[2]

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Denys is fought several times as a boss. He is the first battle of the game, which is scripted and cannot be won. The second time is similar to the first encounter, except the player is given a turn to act in which they must employ Bravely Second to enter Chapter 5, otherwise the events will repeat as if they were at the beginning of the game.

Denys uses Noble Eagle to maximize the offensive abilities of every member on the field, including the player's party, by granting a substantial stat boost. With this buff, the party can inflict massive damage on him with each attack, however Denys himself is also boosted and possesses higher stats that allow him to take the damage whereas his attack grows to the point where he can kill characters in a single hit. Noble Eagle cannot be dispelled, so the player should equip themselves with durable equipment and employ buffs to bolster defenses. Noble Eagle will last for a few turns, at which point Denys will recast it.

In the second battle, Denys is a more formidable opponent. He still sticks to normal physical attacks which still hit hard, but now uses Winter Storm, preventing all combatants from restoring HP, MP or BP, therefore abusing his much larger HP than the party in order to kill them one-sidedly. He also comes packed with Dawn of Odyssey which will give all combatants 1 BP each four turns and will at times Default.

The greater danger comes when he is low on HP, as he will use Blinding Light which will inflict damage equal to half his current HP, which given he will be near the 5,000 or 10,000 HP threshold and will cast it twice, thus it can spark a flag of annihilation. When his HP hits zero, he will fully restore his HP and the battle continues. He will only do this once.

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Denys is voiced by Kazuya Nakai in the Japanese version. He shares his Japanese voice actor with the recurring character Gilgamesh and with Wakka from Final Fantasy X.

He is voiced by Cam Clarke in the English version. He shares his English voice actor with Sage Yulyana from Bravely Default.

Musical themesEdit

"Battle of Oblivion" plays during the battles with Kaiser Oblivion.

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Bravely Default: Praying BrageEdit

Denys appears as an obtainable character.

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Bravely ArchiveEdit

Denys appears as an obtainable unit wearing variations of his Kaiser outfit.

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Million ArthurEdit

MA Oblivion & Anne
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LINE Denys Sticker

Denys appears on a sticker set for the LINE communications app. The sticker set he appears in is titled "Bravely Stickers - Volume 1".[3]



"Denys" is a play on the word "deny", and is a variant of the French name "Denis".

"Geneolgia" is a play on genealogia, which translates from Greek and Latin as the "knowledge of generations".


  • Denys is the first asterisk holder in the series to have his own unique battle theme.
  • During the cutscene between the phases of the fight against Providence's final form, Denys appears from a crack in space and time to join Agnès, Norzen, and the other Glanz asterisk holders to cheer the player on.