Delta Thrust
FFXI Delta Thrust
MP 28
Effect Delivers a threefold attack on a single target. Additional effect: Disease
Duration instantaneous
Casting Time 0.5 seconds
Recast Time 15 seconds
Magic Type Physical - Slashing
Element N/A
Jobs BLU 89

Delta Thrust (デルタスラスト, Deruta Surasuto?) is a Blue Magic spell in Final Fantasy XI. it delivers a threefold attack on a target with an additional effect of Disease. It costs 2 Blue Magic Points to equip, and increases HP by 15, decreases MP by 5, and decreases INT by 1. If it is equipped with Animating Wail, Blazing Bound, or Quadratic Continuum, it grants the Dual Wield Job trait.


Delta, Δ or δ, is a letter in the Greek alphabet, and also used as a mathematical symbol.