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Deist Cavern is a location from Final Fantasy II. The birthplace of the Wyverns, it is located behind Castle Deist.

There is a bridge, that if crossed, the player will fall down. Inspecting a dragon corpse gives the player the Pendant item. There is a Sacred Spring, to which the player can present the Dragon Egg item.


Upon reaching Deist, Firion must find a pendant to talk to the last Wyvern. Traveling to the cave, he finds one near the entrance on a Dragoon's remains. This could indicate that some Dragoons retreated here during the Palamecian attack.

Upon getting the pendant, Firion must return here to place a Wyvern egg in in a magical incubating spring known as the Spring of Life. The party reach it, but is guarded by several Chimera. They defeat the Chimeras, and place the egg in the spring, letting it hatch into a baby Wyvern.


Item Location
230 gil B1
Pendant B2
Ether B2
Knight's Armor B5 guarded by Adamantoise
Flame Bow B5
Sage's Wisdom B5
Saint's Spirit B5
Mythril Helm B2
Mythril Armor B2
Mage's Staff B2, guarded by Green Souls
Mythril Gloves B3
Mythril Mirror B3
Mythril Shield B3
Acid Phial B4







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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Deist Cavern FFII
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Musical themesEdit

"Dungeon" from the Famicom version of Final Fantasy II
FFII Dungeon Theme NES
Trouble with the audio sample?

The Background Music that plays inside Deist Cavern is called simply "Dungeon".


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