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Bangaa Defender.


Bangaa elites. Trained for defense.
—In-game Description

Defender (守護騎士, Shugokishi?) is a job from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for bangaa. Defenders are the wielders of broadswords and knightswords and are tanks when it comes to Weapon Defense. While they are somewhat similar to Paladins, Defenders prefer to help themselves rather than others.



Move Rate Jump Rate Evade Rate
3 2 35
Weapon Head Body Equip Shields?
Knightswords, Broadswords Helms Robes, Heavy Armor No



Defenders are well set in their ways of simply being a huge wall. They have high HP, Attack and Defense, but little else across the rest of their stats. The Templar has slightly higher defense growth than the Defender.

HP MP Attack Defense Magic Power Magic Resistance Speed
8.4 A- 1.1 E 8.8 B+ 9.4 A- 6.5 D 7.2 C- 0.9 D-



Defender command. Protect yourself and your allies.

Ability Equipment Effect AP Power Range
Tremor El Cid Sword Slam weapon on gound to knock back nearby units. 100 30 Self
Meltdown Vajra Self-KO. Deals area damage equal to own HP. 200 Self
Defense Lionheart Raises weapon def. and magic res. for one turn. 200 Self
Drop Weapon Ragnarok Quickly toss weapon out of hand and back into stock. 200 As Weapon
Hibernate Defender Hibernate to remedy status ailments. Vulnerable while asleep. 100 Self
Mow Down Striborg Damages surrounding units, at the cost of speed and evasion for a turn. 200 40 Self
Aura Lohengrin Enhances aura to bestow auto-life and auto-regen. 300 Self
Expert Guard Save the Queen Prevents all MP and HP damage for one turn. 300 Self


Ability Equipment Effect AP
Last Berserk Predator Go berserk if severely wounded. 300


Ability Equipment Effect AP
Weapon Def+ Diamond Armor Reduces damage from weapon attacks. 300


Ability Equipment Effect AP
Defend Combo Mythril Brand Easily chained combo ability for defenders. 100

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit


Defender TCG

Defender appears in the Japanese Final Fantasy Trading Card Game published by Square Enix.


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