The Deenglow is a thin cerulean wyvern enemy from Final Fantasy VII. Deenglow is fought in the Train Graveyard in Midgar and in the third round of the Battle Square before the player obtains Tiny Bronco. When fought in the Battle Square its stats are enhanced with double the normal HP and its Attack and Magic Attack are increased by 25%.

In the 1996 demo of Final Fantasy VII Deenglows are fought in the Sector 1 Reactor during the bombing mission.



# Formation
396 Cripshay A, Cripshay B, Deenglow
397 Deenglow A, Deenglow B
399 Row 1: Ghost A, Deenglow
Row 2: Ghost B
401 Row 1: Deenglow A, Deenglow B
Row 2: Deenglow C


Train Graveyard (after defeating Aps)
South 396, 397, 399
North 397, 399, 401
Battle Square (before Tiny Bronco)
Group A - Battle 3 396, 399
Group B - Battle 3 397, 401


Deenglow absorbs the Ice element, and it is immune to Gravity, so the player should not use attacks with these elements. Also it is resistant to Lightning.

The Deenglow's main attack is Wing Cutter. Its uncommon attacks are Ice, which only uses as a counter-attack if is hit by three physical attacks; and Demi, which will reduce a character's current HP by 1/4, and only uses as a counter-attack if is hit by three magical attacks (except Ice attacks). There is a oversight in its AI script and Deenglow never checks if it has sufficient MP to cast Ice (costs 4 MP) or Demi (costs 14 MP) if its selected target is incapacitated before its next turn, like it would normally do if the target is still alive. Attempting to cast Ice or Demi with insufficient MP results in the message "Deenglow's skill power is used up." and the spell not cast.

Defeating this foe will yield a Graviball, a missable and useful item that gives the user the ability to cast Demi upon one foe. Deenglows are also a prime source early on for Ethers, which can be stolen from them. If the player were to steal an Ether, however, the player has no chance of winning a Graviball afterward from that specific Deenglow.

AI scriptEdit

Start of battle

Declare Counter = 0

Declare SelectedTarget

Declare SelectedAttack

Declare HitCount = 0

If (Counter == 1) Then
If (SelectedTarget is alive) Then
If (Self MP < SelectedAttack MP Cost) Then

Use Wing Cutter on SelectedTarget


Use SelectedAttack on SelectedTarget


Use SelectedAttack on random opponent with highest HP


Use Wing Cutter on random opponent with highest HP

Counter = 0

Counter - if attacked physically

HitCount = HitCount + 1

If (HitCount == 3) Then

Counter = 1

SelectedTarget = last physical attacker

SelectedAttack = Ice

HitCount = 0

Counter - if attacked by magic

HitCount = HitCount + 1

If (HitCount == 3) Then

Counter = 1

SelectedTarget = last magic attacker

SelectedAttack = Demi

HitCount = 0



Deenglow models in a debug room battle.

  • êúô2(ñ), also known as Test 2, use Deenglow's model and name (in parentheses) in the Japanese and PlayStation Underground demo versions of the game. These enemies are encounterable in the debug rooms in all versions.

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