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Dedication is a special status effect in Final Fantasy XI. While in effect, dedication offers an experience bonus to a player. This is based on a percentage and lasts a set period of time regardless of how many times a player dies while the status is in effect. Dedication cannot be dispelled.

In general, the dedication status can only be gained through the use of two objects, both rings, both purchased and recharged with conquest points. One is known as a Chariot Ring, which grants a +75% increase to experience gained for the next 90 minutes or until the player gains 500 EXP, whichever comes first. The other is known as the Empress Ring, which grants a +50% increase to experience gained over the next 3 hours or until the player gains 1000 EXP.

During the Adventurer Appreciation Celebration a third ring was added to the game, the Anniversary Ring. The ring contained 10 charges and the charge would last for 3 hours once used or until the player gained 3000 experience. The bonus experience was +100% of normal experience. After the 10 charges are used, though, the ring becomes mostly useless. Rumor has it that it will regain 1 charge every 365 days.

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