Deathguise is one of the final bosses in Final Fantasy IX, fought in the Crystal World. It is the third to last boss before Trance Kuja and Necron, and is summoned by Kuja to attack the party.

When Deathguise is defeated, the player has a chance to return to a save point before facing Trance Kuja.

Deathguise is a tribute to Deathgaze from Final Fantasy VI, having a few things in common, such as their appearance as a flying, skeletal monster, their affinity with death and their name, which is different only in the English versions.


Battle Edit

Deathguise opens with Meteor, a move that does random damage from 50-4900 on each party member. When its wings are open, Deathguise uses its physical attacks, Demon's Claw and Spin. When its wings are closed, it uses Twister, Death, and LV5 Death.

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Final Fantasy Legends II Edit


FFLTNS Deathguise Artwork
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