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Dear Friends: Music From Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack was an album sold at the Dear Friends -Music from Final Fantasy- and More Friends - Music from Final Fantasy concerts, and was also sold at the Square Enix website for a while.

Unlike the other concert albums, Dear Friends: Music From Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack is not a concert recording, and instead contains the original soundtrack versions of the songs from the games' respective soundtracks, plus an arranged version of "Dear Friends" taken from the Potion: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy album. No live recorded album of the Dear Friends concerts exist.

Track listEdit

  1. "Liberi Fatali" (Final Fantasy VIII) - 3:09
  2. "Zanarkand" (Final Fantasy X) - 3:05
  3. "Terra's Theme" (Final Fantasy VI) - 3:54
  4. "Theme of Love" (Final Fantasy IV) - 1:52
  5. "Dear Friends" (Final Fantasy V) - 4:03
  6. "Vamo Alla Flamenco" (Final Fantasy IX) - 1:54
  7. "Love Grows" (Final Fantasy VIII) - 4:31
  8. "Aerith's Theme" (Final Fantasy VII) - 4:19
  9. "Not Alone" (Final Fantasy IX) - 2:37
  10. "Ronfaure" (Final Fantasy XI) - 4:57
  11. "Prelude" (Final Fantasy) - 1:34
  12. "Main Theme" (Final Fantasy) - 1:06
  13. "Matoya's Cave" (Final Fantasy) - 1:18
  14. "Elia, the Maiden of Water" (Final Fantasy III) - 1:24
  15. "Chocobo Theme" (Final Fantasy II) - 0:36
  16. "The Rebel Army" (Final Fantasy II) - 1:22
  17. "Final Fantasy" (Final Fantasy) - 1:34
  18. "Dear Friends - Arranged Version" - 5:13

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