The Paradigm DeckEdit

The Paradigm deck is the list of paradigms available to your party in battle. To modify it, press to open the main menu and then select Paradigms. Via the menu that appears, you can change the party's active paradigm and also modify its deck.

To do the latter, choose Customize. Select any of the 6 available slots, and you will have the option to edit the paradigm contained therein. You can also reorder the list to suit your preferences using Up/Up/Down/Down and X/A. To change the party's active paradigm, select the desired one and press Square/X.

If you are not sure how to compose an effective deck, you can also choose Generate to create paradigms automatically.

Different paradigms will be generated each time, even if you select the same category. If you do not wish to use the one created first, try generating new paradigms of the same type until you discover one you like.

Battle Team FormationEdit

Added after the party members are reunited on the Palamecia

You can change the composition of your battle team by pressing Triangle/Y to open the main menu, and then selecting Paradigms.

Within the Paradigms menu, select Battle Team and you will be able to choose the battle team's leader and members.

Changing the members of your battle team will reset the party's paradigm deck. Select Customize to check your current paradigm and alter it if desired.

Area MapsEdit

Area maps display your current position and destination as well as other points of interest in the vicinity.

To open the map of your current location, press Square/X. You can also view the map by pressing Triangle/Y to open the main menu and then selecting Map.

The DatalogEdit

You possess an advanced digital journal known as a Datalog that autonomously streams information deemed pertinent.

Whenever the datalog records a new entry, a notice will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. To peruse entries, press Triangle/Y to open the main menu and then select Datalog.

Camera SettingsEdit

A total of four camera control schemes are available for selection. The control scheme can be changed even after an initial choice Is made.

To modify your current setting, press Triangle/Y to open the main menu and then select Settings.